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Thread Ranking Tetris Blocks Inspires Heated Twitter Controversy

These people take Tetris pretty damn seriously.
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rap battle memes

This Classic Rap Battle Meme Is All About Destroying Reputations

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This is a Worthwhile Activity

school Memes tetris - 9029774592
Via ZeonPeonTree

Russian Air Strike

video games tetris funny - 8981983744
Created by tamaleknight

Real Life Tetris

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It's Hard to Be a Block

web comics tetris psychology It's Hard to Be a Block
Via barelyamusing

World's Most Infuriating Gif

tetris gif

When Tetris Turns on You

tetris - 8581771264
Created by FilipMilanko ( Via Tessellate )

Friends Are Like a Game of Tetris

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rage tetris - 6524776448
Created by Unknown

The tetris gods smile upon you

animation art awesome drawing gifs tetris Videogames - 4218703360
Created by Unknown

How Tetris is Actually Played in Russia

russia tetris - 8540940032
Created by tamaleknight
trolltube tetris Video - 70819841

Ever Feel Like Something is Blocking Your Way in Life?

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game boy nintendo Pie Chart tetris video games - 4156490240
Created by Unknown

Rage Quit!

physics rage quit tetris - 8456212224
Via Kongregate
tetris Video awesome games done quick - 67772673

The Highlight of Awesome Games Done Quick Was This Absolutely Mind-blowing Game of Tetris

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