Cannot Compute

Funny meme about hard tests, lol, dank memes
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funny memes about college students

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Funny memes about art, dating, relationships, social media, the office, dogs, alien, school, tests, kids, work, James Franco saying "you don't like art?" in reference to memes as cover photo.

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Pro Tip!

Funny meme about taking tests, saying that if you sit on your hand before taking an exam it feels like someone else is destroying your future.
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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Funny meme about tests and teachers saying you'll be fine - but you forget everything you learned. Image of Will Ferrell in Elf saying "you sit on a throne of lies."
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Great, Thanks

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You'll Get It Next Time

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Well Played...

school tests quizzes - 8431857152

Practice Test


The Bathroom's Got Your Back

bathrooms physics school tests exams - 8139716352


exams school sauron tests - 7968833280
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The Body's Reaction to Tests

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