F) Nope

rage tests nope multiple choice table flipping - 8101359872
By ASHPoD-The-Portal-Gun


grades FAIL fudge no school teacher tests - 8100335360
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Who Ever Thought That Online Testing Was a Good Idea?

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How Monday Morning Feels When You Realize You Forgot About The Test in Your Morning Class

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Pencil Shaving Rage

rage pencil sharpener tests - 8049512704
By Derp1231234

Well, You're Not Wrong...

Photo of a question on a test exam of 'What ended in 1806?' to which the student answered '1805' - which is 100% accurate.
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Give This Person a Perfect Grade

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Leave It Up to the Teacher to Be Honest

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"I'll Allow It"

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Sometimes They Get You Like This

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Choose the OTHER Answer

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Always Happens

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funny test answers

These Test Answers Are Completely Wrong But Genius at the Same Time

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Only One Mark?

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By ThePixelGuy

I Hate My Brain

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By Sgt.Green

I Gave You My Opinion!

Y U NO tests - 7944392448
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