Tweet that reads, "Isn't it wild that the ballots from all 50 states can be counted in one night but my professors can't get my scantron graded for two weeks"
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Eh, F**k It

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Funny test and exam answers from kids in school, cover photo the questions is what ended in 1896, the kid's answer is 1895.

23 Funny Test Answers That Are So Wrong They're Right

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Go With Your Gut

Funny meme about when you change your answer in a test but the original answer was correct and how stupid you feel after.
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A Little Overconfident?

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Great! Thanks for Nothing

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I was NOT Ready!

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Can't Argue With That

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There's No Penalty for Guessing

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Will This Be on the Test?

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Sometimes It Pays Off

image risk trolling Sometimes It Pays Off
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Turns Out Wisdom is Not the Same as Knowledge

web comics rpg tests Turns Out Wisdom is Not the Same as Knowledge
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Hope You Brought a Sample!

drugs test work Hope You Brought a Sample!
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Let's Hope This Answer is Super Effective

pokemon test chemistry Let's Hope This Answer is Super Effective
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