Terrible Teacher

Terrible Teacher: Well I'm Only Writing Four Answers

homework letters numbers questions Terrible Teacher tricks - 5338376704
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No Math Necessary!

math Rage Comics Terrible Teacher test - 5322374144
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Terrible Teacher: Always Make a Backup!

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Terrible Teacher: Well You Should Have Written It Down

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Terrible Teacher: "You'll Never Learn That Way!"

buy calculator Sad Terrible Teacher use - 5301160704
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He Does Have a Doctorate, After All

better doctor futurama Terrible Teacher Zoidberg - 5285780736
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Terrible Teacher: Hypocrite Alert

hypocrite late Terrible Teacher - 5184648448
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Pushing Patrick: Justice at Its Finest

annoying childhood class friend pushing patrick Terrible Teacher - 5269316608
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Terrible Teacher: Then Why Does It Exist!?

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Terrible Teacher: "And This Topic Is So BORING"

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Terrible Teacher: Why Is This 8 Out of 10?

10 8 grades seconds Terrible Teacher wrong - 5245172480
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Terrible Teacher: Then Makes Class Go Long

Hypocrisy lesson school speech Terrible Teacher time - 5251612928
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This Is ALL My Teachers!

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Terrible Terrible: It's Tuesmorrow Already?

class project school Terrible Teacher tomorrow tuesday - 5228345344
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Terrible Teacher: You Should Have Reminded Her!

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Terrible Teacher: Secret Stupid Teacher

class school stupid Terrible Teacher tough - 5177678336
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