Terrible Teacher

You Should Probably Learn How Time Works, Teach

bell college senior late Terrible Teacher - 6320910336
By Unknown

There's Only One Problem...

flavor gum memory Terrible Teacher test - 6302716928
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YOU Guys Never Listen to Me EITHER

class husband marriage suffer Terrible Teacher - 6225411584
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If I Can Do It, So Can You!

kids passed Terrible Teacher test - 6182022656
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Gandalf the Tenured

fry shut up stamp take my money Terrible Teacher you shall not pass - 6153328384
By el.carl2

Then You Get a Detention for Being Late

class lesson packing Terrible Teacher ugh - 6119716864
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Terrible Only Applies to Her Teaching

grades if you know what i mean mr-bean sex Terrible Teacher - 6108779776
By Airick18

She Knowsssss

b0n3r Rage Comics Terrible Teacher truancy story - 6108518912
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"C" Stands for Close Enough

c Close Enough grades saturday school Terrible Teacher - 6099247616
By Cubonator

Multiple Choice Means Multiple Mistakes

b c correct multiple choice Terrible Teacher tests - 6069980160
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I Don't Know, CAN YOU?

bathroom emergency school Terrible Teacher - 6050110720
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Have a Great Break, Guys!

spring break Terrible Teacher truancy story - 6048784896
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College Senior Knocks It Out of Park

college senior lazy pronouns Terrible Teacher - 6045048320
By Unknown

Because You're Boring As Heck?

Terrible Teacher voices you dont say - 5953279488
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Obi-Wan Was a Terrible Teacher

obi wan star wars Terrible Teacher - 5921017856

Terrible Teacher: Above and Beyond? C+

above average c Terrible Teacher - 5770170112
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