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People Share the Funniest Scenes From Serious TV Shows

The CW network wins the unintentional comedy award
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A look at three 3 manga from Japan that influenced Neflix's Squid Game, graphic novels

3 Death Game Manga That Inspired ‘Squid Game’

Squid Game requires little to no introduction for most internet users and television enjoyers. The Netflix original series has taken the world by storm, showing us, once again, how fond we are of watching characters we’ve grown attached to get massacred for the entertainment of spectators (both in-universe and outside it). Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games series follows a very similar premise with its yearly ritual in which a group of teenagers, you guessed it, have to compete to the death for the…
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20+ SpongeBob Memes Fresh From Bikini Bottom

Are ya ready, kids?
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WTF, America's Next Top Model only paid $40 for each model, twitter reactions, tweets, shaving head, tyra banks

Former Contestant Confirms 'America's Next Top Model' Paid Contestants Next to Nothing

Beyond reproach.
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Funny thread of people discussing how vampires are always so rich

People of the Internet Discuss How Vampires Are Always So Damn Rich

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All the Best 'Squid Game' Memes for Fans Who Finished the Show

Everyone is totally losing it over Hwang Dong-hyuk's hit Netflix series Squid Game. Maybe people are drawn to the show because it reminds them of other dystopian classics like Battle Royale and The Hunger Games. Maybe it's rising star Jung Ho-yeon's magnetic onscreen presence. Or maybe a narrative about literally risking death to escape crippling dept is simply relatable to a lot of people. Whatever the case, Squid Game is on track to become Netflix's most-watched show ever. If you're one of the
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Cringey, offensive and racist video clip from when Adrien Brody introduced Sean Paul on Saturday night live. Banned from SNL, cringe, jamaican accent, patois

This Offensively Unfunny Adrien Brody Bit Got Him Banned From SNL

It's easy to roll one's eyes at clueless people like Chet Hanks when they attempt patois. Dumb people are pretty great at being culturally insensitive. But sometimes, like when Adele wore that cringey carnival outfit , stars surprise us with their absolute idiocy. Today's offender is Adrien Brody. The critically acclaimed actor, best known for his work in the bleak Holocaust film The Pianist, is under fire after @snlhostsintro shared a clip from his 2003 appearance on Saturday Night Live . pic.…
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Dylan Park Tells Insane Story About Fake Marine Who Conned Her Way Into the Writers Room

Stolen valor taken to the next level
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Cracked explores weird crossovers in film and television history, CAnonball

4 Bonkers Crossover Events That Put Avengers To Shame

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Funny tweets making fun of Mike Richards for declaring himself host of Jeopardy

People Are Not Happy About the New Host Of Jeopardy

We miss you, Alex
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‘Arthur’ Is Getting Cancelled, So Here Are Some Of Its Dumbest Memes

Meme lovers everywhere, it's time to take a moment. 'Arthur' , the beloved children's show and seemingly unstoppable meme factory is soon to be no longer. After 25 years of gracing our screens, it was announced earlier this week that its next season would be its last. He wasn't "cancelled" it's called accountability and it's necessary. — fashion school dropout (@glamdemon2004) July 28, 2021 As the longest running US children's animated series, the show has made its mark …
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20+ Classic Memes & Iconic Moments From Family Guy

Giggity giggity
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One of the Dumbest 'Hacking' Scenes in the History of Television

At least no one says 'I'm in'
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Funny memes and reactions to ABC's premiere of Katie Thurston's season of Bachelorette, cat guy, greg grippo, sex, virgin

Katie Thurston's Bachelorette Premiere: The Best Memes, Tweets & Reactions

Here we go again.
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Funny memes from Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl, That's on me, i set the bar really low

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Scene Inspires Aptly Dumb Memes About Low Bars

They live up to their theme.
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Funny stupid and spicy star wars memes

Stupid & Spicy Memes From the Star Wars Universe

I find your lack of memes disturbing
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