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Star Wars Prequel Memes That Won't Spoil the Obi-Wan Kenobi Finale

It's only been a month since Disney+ debuted its latest limited series, Obi-Wan Kenobi, but the internet had been talking about it long before its May 22nd premiere. Much of the hype and hubbub existed on Reddit's r/PrequelMemes subreddit, where users make and exchange memes related to everything but Star Wars' first three releases. While the subreddit is known for its devotion to the critically panned prequels, it's also a place where people get excited about the latest shows and movies. As on…
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TV Post-Production Expert Reveals Essential Hacks For The Best Home TV Setup

The more you know
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Zoomer Slang & Hairstyles Meet Our Favorite TV and Movie Characters in This Trending Meme

Every now and then 4chan has a hand in something good. And today, well, this month, rather, is one of those times. The imageboard site is responsible for one of my favorite new memes, an exploitable meme format that involves a seriously hideous Zoomer hairstyle, famous actors and characters, and a whole lot of painful Zoomer slang. While both Zoomer ‘dos and Zoomer slang are pretty cringe, when they’re incorporated into these memes we rather like them. The memes first started popping up in May…
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Stranger Things Memes Devoid of Season 4 Spoilers

Finally, after waiting nearly three years, fans of Stranger Things can enjoy a new season of the spooky and supernatural period piece from Netflix. Across Twitter and Reddit, fans are gleefully diving into the episodes, sharing their excitement with one another. As is always the case when a new season drops, spoilers abound. It's getting increasingly difficult to avoid them whether you're extremely online or just log into Twitter when you're taking a crap. Fortunately for you, this serving of m…
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Funny memes about the office

The Week's Best Memes About 'The Office' (May 6, 2022)

Happy weekend, friends. If you're an office drone like me, you're probably chilling at home, trying to make the most of the scraps of time you can call your own. And if you're really like me, you might be watching The Office for the umpteenth time. For many of us, the show never gets old. And judging by my friend groups, the show appeal to literally everyone. Even my nihilistic punk former boyfriend was moved to tears on his fifth viewing of Jim and Pam's wedding. If you're making stoic and sur…
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Funny memes about the OFfice, dunder mifflin

The Week's Best Memes About 'The Office' (April 15, 2022)

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it." This oft-used phrase can apply to a lot of things, but as of late we really believe it is a good mantra for people who love to watch the same television programs over and over again. You know, the shows with cult followings, such as Spongebob , Seinfeld, and, of course, The Office . While fans bid adieu to new episodes of The Offic e way back in 2013, the show has managed to stay very relevant thanks to memes. Fans of the show still express their affection for…
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The Week's Best Memes About 'The Office' (March 18, 2022)

We mourn the untimely demise of The Office nearly every day, but over the years it has become incredibly clear that the show will always be alive - immortalized, really - thanks to memes . It is nearly impossible to have a scroll session through Instagram or Reddit without coming across relatable memes or inside jokes about the show, all of which use stills from our favorite episodes. While the show concluded years ago, it's brought us some timeless and versatile meme formats - most of which ar…
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Star Trek Memes From All Across the Universe's Timeline

The Star Trek universe is a very special one. Somehow, Gene Roddenberry created a world - and television shows - that have always felt impressively progressive in both characters and storyline. From the original series, to some of the more controversial and new offerings, the stories promote tolerance, curiosity, and peace. Which is impressive given the insane scope of the universe. It's incredible that despite all their different customs, cultures, and quirks, most of the species seem to get a…
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Funny memes about the office, memes for fans of the office

The Week's Best Memes About 'The Office' (March 11, 2022)

“If it ain't broke, don't fix it.” The adage applies to a lot of things, but lately we believe it's an apt mantra for people who love to watch the same show over and over - and over again. Shows with cult followings, such as Spongebob , Seinfeld, and, of course, The Office . While the television-consuming world said goodbye to new episodes of The Offic e back in 2013, the show is still incredibly present if you spend any time on the internet. We're not just talking about streaming your favorite…
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Trollish Obi-Wan Moments From All Across the Star Wars Timeline

Love him.
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Funny memes about the steamed hams scene from the simpsons

Steamed Ham Memes For Simpsons Enthusiasts

Picture this. Your boss is coming over for dinner. It's a big deal - so you're preparing a gorgeous roast. Only the best for the Superintendent. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned. Just after your esteemed guest arrives, you realize the roast is burnt. “Oh, egads!” you exclaim in the privacy of the smoke-filled kitchen. “My roast is ruined! But what if I were to purchase fast food and disguise it as my own cooking?” The thought tickles you. “Delightfully devilish, Seymour.” Before you ca…
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People Share the Funniest Scenes From Serious TV Shows

The CW network wins the unintentional comedy award
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A look at three 3 manga from Japan that influenced Neflix's Squid Game, graphic novels

3 Death Game Manga That Inspired ‘Squid Game’

Squid Game requires little to no introduction for most internet users and television enjoyers. The Netflix original series has taken the world by storm, showing us, once again, how fond we are of watching characters we’ve grown attached to get massacred for the entertainment of spectators (both in-universe and outside it). Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games series follows a very similar premise with its yearly ritual in which a group of teenagers, you guessed it, have to compete to the death for the…
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20+ SpongeBob Memes Fresh From Bikini Bottom

Are ya ready, kids?
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WTF, America's Next Top Model only paid $40 for each model, twitter reactions, tweets, shaving head, tyra banks

Former Contestant Confirms 'America's Next Top Model' Paid Contestants Next to Nothing

Beyond reproach.
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Funny thread of people discussing how vampires are always so rich

People of the Internet Discuss How Vampires Are Always So Damn Rich

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