Just The Thing For Dealing With Coastal Zombies

mindwarp gifs teeth shark - 8430869760
Via Gizmodo

Let Them Rot

dentist teeth Memes - 8394786048
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What a Fascinating Read

bugs Sexy Ladies funny motorcycles teeth - 8355208448
Created by Unknown

The Brain is a Bully

brain tongue sad but true teeth web comics - 8346650368
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Where Did Grandma's Dentures Go?

birds old people grandma teeth web comics - 8314991104
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Who Knew?

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Created by Unknown

How Terrifying

pumpkins teeth funny - 8299848704
Created by Unknown

Science Has Gone Too Far

teeth science funny smile - 8284705280
Created by Unknown

Why Use a Toothbrush When You Can Use a Rat?

critters gifs rats teeth - 8256607232
Created by Unknown

Vampire Ape

apes critters gifs yikes teeth - 8240448000
Created by anselmbe

Survival is No Joke

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Who Needs a Dentist When You Have Nerf?

gifs dentists Nerf teeth - 8202750208
Created by cataff ( Via Youtube )

Teeth Following The Golden Rule

gold teeth web comics - 8196931840
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Brushing Your Teeth With Lethal Force

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Created by Unknown

This Could Be Disasterous

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Every Time

webcomic about how movie popcorn gets stuck in the teeth and ruins the whole movie experience
Created by zubaba