I Can Fit One More Bottle in Here, Right?

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By Unknown

Growing Up

Babies kids childhood teenagers growing up - 7133078528
By Jylibean

You've Got a Long Road Ahead of You

forever alone teenagers condescending wonka - 6970247936
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Classic: Hey Twitter, I Can't Sleep

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By kra7os

A Glow Like a Thousand Suns

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Teenage Logic

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By SuperNerd16


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You Don't Get It, I'm So Tired

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By Unknown

Solve That Pesky Parent Problem

IRL sign teenagers - 5682012928
By rgtome

You Don't Understand, I Will Die Without Youtube!

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By beckehz

How Do They Hide the Wrinkles?

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By jmoskwa99

I Can't Put My Phone Down Long Enough to Fall Asleep

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By Unknown

Grunge? You Mean Like When I Forget to Shower?

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By AliNoir

Chin Pubes

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Your Mom's Mouth...

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By Unknown

I Really Hope This Is a Troll

pregnant teenagers Yahoo Answer Fails - 4682629376
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