It's A Struggle

High school yearbook quote that reads, "It's so hard being a single mom when you have no kids and are a male teenager"
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Funny and dank trojan horse memes.

Trojan Horse Memes Are Perfect For Representing Ulterior Motives

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Pretty Much

Parents: "Our kid's a teenager now. I'm afraid pretty soon he's gonna be having sex, drinking, and going to parties;" Me at age 20: sitting at the computer alone, doing nothing
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Old AF

"Me every time 16-year-olds make a new word like yeet and I have to look on Urban Dictionary"
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The More You Know

Funny meme about how to get a girlfriend wikihow.
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These Comics About Becoming An Adult are Painfully Accurate

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So Cold

Funny meme about teenage rebellion, sabrina the teenage witch.
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List regarding teen's summer 2017 bucket list and twitter reactions.

Mystery Teen's Summer Bucket List Will Take You Back

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Literally Can't

Funny meme - girl doesn't fill out even numbers in test because she literally can't even.
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Teen has it all figured out, quits school to sleep.
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Why? Why Ruin Everyone's Childhood Like That?

toy story gifs ruined childhood Why? Why Ruin Everyone's Childhood Like That?
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Like My Status!

yolo teenagers Awkward social media - 8747329792
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taylor swift teenagers Video - 77829633

Can You Make It All the Way Through This Super Cringey Music Video With Young Kendall and Kylie Jenner?

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Dad Jokes Solve Everything

web comics dad jokes Dad Jokes Solve Everything
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Maybe a Teen Super Hero Squad Wasn't a Good Idea

teenagers superheros web comics Maybe a Teen Super Hero Squad Wasn't a Good Idea
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When You Think About It, Life is Just a Phase

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