It Ain't Easy for All of Us!

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A Terrible Mistake

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Teacher Trollin'

Like a Boss school I see what you did there teacher truancy story - 7461806592
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In School, Sometimes It Helps to Go Against the Grain

math class teacher sir funny everything went better than expected truancy story - 7444023808
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When I Grow Up

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Class Plays April Fools Prank on Teacher by Turning All the Desks on Their Sides, Teacher Retaliates Beautifully

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Why I Like My Teacher

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Every Single Time!

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Don't You Just Hate it When Teachers Single You Out Like This?

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Why Do They Lean Over So Far?

Awkward teacher SpongeBob SquarePants - 7094280192
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It's Good to Be King

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Best Physics Teacher Ever

physics Harry Potter snape teacher - 7076188928
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Trolling 101 - Student vs. Professor

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Teacher Trolls

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Obviously Not

your grammar nazi school teacher - 7029391360
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There's no Hope for the Next Generation

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