It's Good to Be King

class teacher truancy story - 6565805056
Created by Unknown

Best Physics Teacher Ever

physics Harry Potter snape teacher - 7076188928
Created by keykey1989

Trolling 101 - Student vs. Professor

professor trolling teacher truancy story - 7029635840
Created by FireStar463

Teacher Trolls

school background teacher - 7037922304
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Obviously Not

your grammar nazi school teacher - 7029391360
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There's no Hope for the Next Generation

your school teacher facebook - 7040182272
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The Answer, My Teacher, Is Blowing in the Wind

answers school teacher bob dylan - 7031150336
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I've Done It Now

school teacher trouble Pie Chart - 6994513408
Created by w0lft0r

There's a 1 in 365 Chance That I'm Right

school birthday teacher truancy story - 6975131904
Created by fished

The Dismissal Troll

class freedom yao ming teacher troll - 6891160832
Created by GoldenNugget123

Are You Trolling Me on Purpose, Teacher?

homework school teacher - 6843694592
Created by Unknown

I Thought You Knew!

homework classroom teacher - 6837582592
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Scarred for Life

teacher if you know what i mean - 6949433856
Created by e.a.backstrom

So Close!

class school teacher TV - 6941182976
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I Hope You Brought Enough for Everyone!

school teacher - 6938045440
Created by savannamia

And Don't Interrupt Me!

grammar teacher spelling - 6850237952
Created by jc2581