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37 Taylor Swift Memes for Hardcore Swifties Who Went Bankrupt to See Her in Concert (Taylor's Version)

I sold my house to go to the Eras tour
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People Discuss Totally Overblown Outrages Over a Celebrity

Accountability is important. Public figures are influential and their actions may be, by intent or not, replicated by fans and followers. That's a heavy burden to bear, but there's a large sect of our population that follows and emulates famous people. Like it or not, it's the unfortunate reality of fame. So when a particularly famous person makes a dubious moral decision, it might be best that their general audience doesn't follow. That's just common knowledge. Don't be subjectable to negative…
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'THE JUMPSCARE IT GAVE ME': Swifty Finds Creepy Recording on Her Brand New Taylor Swift Vinyl, Horrified at the Spooky Voices that Replaced 'Speak Now' (VIDEO)

This is definitely NOT Taylor's version
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Trespassing for Clout, Bedbug Coachella Couch, and Swifties vs. Matty Healy

Another week of collective outrage.
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Fans React to Reports of Taylor Swift's Breakup With Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have reportedly ended their long-time relationship. It goes without saying, but Swifties aren’t taking this well. Fans have been in a state of emergency; speculating, mourning, theorizing, and just losing their minds in general. Now, the high-profile split isn’t official yet. A source close to the couple claims that an amicable, no-drama breakup between the two took place a few weeks ago. Neither Swift nor Alwyn have confirmed this firsthand. That being said, we’re ta…
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A compilation of funny and random memes and images

30 Memes To Show To Your Therapist

Explaining your trauma < memes
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A compilation of tweets about Spotify Wrapped coming out

Funniest Spotify Wrapped Tweets For Listeners In the Top 0.5%

Today is the day we've all been waiting for. Today nosy people can finally definitively know what music has been playing in their friends' and acquaintances' headphones over the last 11 months. Today's the day when you remember why you're not paying $9.99 for Apple Music. Today is Spotify Wrapped Release Day. Every year, Spotify gives you stats on all of the abjectly embarrassing music you've been jamming to since January. It tells you your top songs and artists and even curates a playlist of y…
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video shows what a college-level course on Taylor Swift is like

'Look What You Made Me Do': Guy shares thorough analysis of Taylor Swift music video after taking a college-level course on the singer, Swifties demand more

“This is how seriously society should take Taylor Swift.”
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A compilation of tweets about the upcoming horror movie M3GAN and the titular characters viral dance

The Funniest M3GAN Tweets That Celebrate The Titular Creepy Dancing Doll

There's a new dancing doll in town, and her name is M3GAN. Horror movies such as Childs Play and Annabelle have put creepy dolls on the map as certified horror icons. However, creepy dolls don't just have to be red-headed Raggedy Ann-esque weirdos. They can also be uncanny-valley animatronic dancing girls who are both killers and fierce divas! Earlier this week, Universal came out with the trailer for their upcoming horror movie M3GAN , which follows a woman named Gemma who takes in her young n…
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Funniest Taylor Swift Memes To Fill That Blank Space for Swifties as They Wait for 'Midnight'

I've got a blank space, baby, and I'll fill it with memes.
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A compilation of tweets about Taylor Swift's newest album Midnights she announced at the MTV VMAs

Swifties Respond to Taylor Swift's Announcement of Her Upcoming Album "Midnights" at The VMAs

Taylor Swift's experiences at the MTV Video Music Awards have been wild, to say the least. When Kanye West came onstage at the iconic 2009 VMAs during Taylor's speech for her "Video of the Year" award win, the world watched as America's newest pop princess got her big moment snatched away from her. Luckily, Beyonce allowed her to finish her speech that night, and ever since then, Ms. Swift has dominated the Video Music Awards. Last night, she became the first artist to win “Album of the Year” t…
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Article about the twitter discourse surrounding Taylor Swift's excessive private jet usage.

Taylor Swift's High Levels Of Private Jet Emissions Sparks Controversy And Memes

Stars, they're just like us? While we're wasting away in the middle seat of seat 45P on Frontier Airlines, the more environmentally conscious (or less wealthy) celebrities live it up in first class . However, some famous people take it a step further, buying their own private jets. While that lifestyle choice might seem glamourous on the surface, the effects it has on the environment can lead to major backlash.
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Microwave Mishaps to the Tune of Taylor Swift and a Foil Wrapped Cheeseburger

Sparks fly, it's like electricity…
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Swiftie Gets Wisdom Teeth Out, Demands Dentist Become A Fan Too

That's dedication.
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Celebrities Go Bad in Viral 'Evil X Be Like' Memes

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Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Roasted for Admitting He’s Not That Into Bathing

Lately celebrities have been opening up about their unconventional bathing habits and Jake Gyllenhaal has joined the likes of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher in their anti-bathing sentiments. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair , the actor revealed that 'more and more I find bathing to be less necessary, at times. I do believe, because Elvis Costello is wonderful, that good manners and bad breath get you nowhere. So I do that. But I do also think that there's a whole world of not bathing that …
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