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Netflix Has Been Mixing and Matching Their Summaries in the Most Hilarious Bug of the Week

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Taylor Swift: A Love Story

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Taylor Swift Doing The Ultimate Awkward White Girl Dance at The Grammy's

GIF of Taylor Swift dancing like an awkward white girl and the Grammy Awards.
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Ryu Gets Some Help Attacking Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift Commits An Ultimate Act of Misandry

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Raw Footage of Taylor Swift Being Attacked at the Grammys

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Karlie Kloss Totally Looks Like Taylor Swift

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That Must Be How Taylor Swift Writes Her Songs

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Taylor Swift With No Make Up Totally Looks Like Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins

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Everyone Knew You Were Trouble

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Taylor Swift Contest Trolled

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4chan Gets 39-Year-Old Dude to the Top of the Voting for a 'Meet Taylor Swift' Contest

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I Hear It Won a Grammy...

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Maybe YOU'RE Trouble, Taylor!

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Swiftly Done

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The REAL Photobomber is Daniel Craig's Mustache

taylor swift photobomb mustache Daniel Craig funny - 7455656448
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