'Oh Sh*t, I Had No Idea Susan!'

Tweet that reads, "Another Baby Boomer at work looked at the tattoo on my arm and said, 'You know those are permanent, right?' and I said no"
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The Realest Thing I've Read All Day

Tweet that reads, "Family: Why would you get tattoos? They're expensive and painful to get and they are permanent; Also family: Have a baby"
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Dream Situation

Funny meme about job interview, dog tattoo.
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Nah, Let Them Be

Tweet that reads, "Should we check up on the girls who got a tattoo of an infinity symbol in 2014 or should we just let them be"
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That's What Friends Are For

Funny meme about guys, tattoos, friends, men, selfies.
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Funny memes, tweets and photos that are specific.

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Baby Boomers Be Like

"I hate when old people say tattoos are a waste of money like okay Debra you have a cabinet full of expensive plates people aren't allowed to use"
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Tattoo fails, bad tattoos, funny bad tattoos.

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Dear Lord

Funny meme of a guy with a knuckles tattoo.
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Some People Never Learn

Funny meme about getting womens names tattooed on your body and then crossing them out.
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