None Of That Filth

Funny meme that reads, "'No tattoos thanks, my body is a temple;' Temples:" above a photo of the murals in the Sistine Chapel
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Text message conversation between a Scottish anti-masker and a tattoo shop | Here mate yer no really askin every body tae wear masks r yeh? Its aw con man Dude, really? Current guidelines say masks must be worn close contact services, which fall into. If don't want wear one s cool (actually 's not) but won't be getting tattoo here.

Scottish Dude Flips Out Over Tattoo Shop's Mask Requirement

Why do people have to act like this...
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Funny Reddit post from /r/NotInteresting with caption that reads, "I did not get a tattoo today. Here it isn't" above a photo of someone's blank forearm
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Cringey tattoos, cringeworthy tattoos, tattoo fails | bad tattoo of a tiger and the writing Joe Exotic Fuck Carole Baskin | Flat Earther life flat earth with a sun orbiting above it

Cringey Tattoos That Have No Place Being Permanent

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Funny cringey pics, cringe pics, tattoos, cringey tattoos | Vada_Fly @Vada_Fly They look like they don't even know each other. aak 2:44 PM 7/22/19 Twitter iPhone The Lion King Simba | Benjamin Franklin portrait on a 100 dollar bill

These Cringey Tattoos Make Forever Feel Even Longer

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Funny and cringey bad tattoos and tattoo fails | life go's on. Palients chasen_dunk, dabhead88 sabrinacamm Patients is virtue. Thank so much this tattoo looks amazing! dabhead88 misspelling grammar

Tattoo Fails People Should Be Ashamed Of

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tattoo fails, cringey tattoos, abd tattoos, ugly tattoos, stupid tattoos, tattoos about meth, fast food tattoos, wolf howling at the moon tattoo | man with a face tattoo of a wolf howling at the moon with the moon's texture being the man's bad skin. tattoo of a rodent with a human face cheesing and holding a skateboard.

Hideous Tattoos That Serve Up The Cringe

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A Question For The Ages

Funny tweet asking what you would do if you went on a great first date with someone who had a strange tattoo
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Funny memes about Moby's animal rights tattoo.

Moby's Animal Rights Tattoo Is Getting Meme'd To Oblivion

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But They Aren't *Real* People

Funny Shrek meme about old people who stare at anyone who doesn't look "conventional"
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Cringey pics

27 Cringe Pics That'll Make You Want To Go Blind

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Calm Down Betty

Caption that reads, "Person with tattoos: *going about their day;* Old white woman: ..." above a pic of an ugly hairless cat looking angry wearing a sweater
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I Had No Idea??

Tweet that reads, "Another Baby Boomer at work looked at the tattoo on my arm and said 'You know those are permanent, right?' and I said no"
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Seems Pretty Obvious Don't It

Illustration of someone shaking hands with a snake above text that reads, "Trust no one;" Tumblr comment below reads, "Trust no one, especially snake hands Jimmy, his hands are snakes"
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They Call Him The White Iverson

Caption that reads, "When you rub a can of Four Loko this is the genie that comes out" above a pic of Post Malone sticking his tongue out
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arianga grandes tattoo fail

Ariana Grande's Epic Tattoo Fail Is Inspiring Some Sizzling Roasts

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