Tanks for the Beer

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Keeping College Dorms Safe

tanks - 8356584448

So Much Better Than Tanks

funny military wtf tanks - 8334060288
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Treading Over The Stairs

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About as Graceful as Leaving a Tank in Metal Slug

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This is What Happens When You Have a Tiny Van Between Two Tanks

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One of The Best Things You Can Do With a Tank

tanks mindwarp gifs awesome skeet shooting - 8283858688
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Meanwhile in Russia

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The 21st Century Tank

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The New 2014 'Oui Surréndeur' Model

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The Bromobile is Out on Patrol

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A Tank Made Out of Beer in Walmart. 'Nuff Said.

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War Thunder in a Nutshell

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Do You Trust Me?

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Real Friends Would Earn You BEFORE They Entered You for the Darwin Awards

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Ukranian Drift

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