Hell Yeah

Funny meme, pun meme, killer whales, killer whale, orca, tanks.
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What Could Go Wrong?

Funny meme about tanks being near monkeys, planet of the apes, twitter.
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Wait A Minute...

Caption that reads, "Four photos of Jennifer Lawrence that'll make you say 'wait that's not Jennifer Lawrence, that's the Wehrmacht 24th Panzer Division"
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Memers Are Asking This Drowned Panzer For Inconvenient Truths

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So Sick

Funny image of killer whale that says they don't belong in tanks, second image is of an orca in a tank (military vehicle) saying "just kidding, this is awesome."
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Parking is Hard All Over the World

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Reporter is Attacked While in a Tank

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Kung Fury Doesn't Tread Lightly With Their Puns

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Don't Forget the "Unleaded Freedom Only" Label on the Fuel Tank

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This Guy Was Born to Be the Tank Operator


Keeping College Dorms Safe


Close Observation of an M1 Abrahams Firing 120mm of Freedom

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Who Said Tennis Isn't Exciting?

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The Last Few Seconds From Being on The Business End of Tank Gun

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It's a Seriously Big Deal!

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A Reminder Regarding History

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