EDIT THIS: !!! This Guy Totally Looks Like Rotisserie Chicken

chicken food guy Hall of Fame tan - 4862235904
Created by ashleybear

Courage Wolf: No Bikini Lines!

bikini Courage Wolf fire sun tan tank top - 4753994496
See all captions Created by King_Polaris

The Tan Man

eww eyes tan Terrifying wtf - 4504699904
Created by Unknown

Won't Someone Think of the Tiny, Orange Children?!

Congress cry crying help john boehner orange speaker of the house tan - 4472037120
See all captions Created by LOLKitKat

Forget a Gym, Build a Tanning Salon!

Arnold Schwarzenegger california tan thumbs up - 4447990016
See all captions Created by pwnsaasages

Tanning Bed Totally Looks Like Avatar Bed

Avatar movies tan - 4428461824
Created by DELANEYXO


difference orange orangutan Snookie sorry tan - 4419834112
See all captions Created by pifouglop


birthday creepy creepy sneakers tan - 3754496512
Created by Unknown
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