An article about the Twitter discourse surrounding Ryan Goslings weird look in Greta Gerwigs 2023 film 'Barbie' where he plays Ken

Ryan Gosling's 'Ken' In New 'Barbie' Movie Divides Fans

He looks...good.
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Trump Gets Roasted And Meme'd For His Orange Tan Line

Trump called fake news on this photo.
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And It's Also Not Constantinople

bull is literalism prefix tan - 4752828160
Created by Chrixz

Wait He Doesn't Have a Weird Tan?

wtf tan photoshop idiots funny - 7897866240
Created by shimmyfab

Sunscreen Is for Sissies

wtf tan sunscreen funny - 7821514752
Created by Unknown

When I'm Working On My Tan

tan burn Pie Chart - 7749809664
Created by TheNextGrumpyCat


tan eww sun - 7705953024
Created by shimmyfab

This Guy Totally Looks Like Mario Brothers Goomba

tan movies totally looks like funny - 7562511360
Created by Selkiri

This Woman Totally Looks Like Cheetara

woman tan thundercats TLL - 7103649792
Created by aliciadff

I'll be Satisfied When My Skin Turns Black

tan overly manly man - 6991688960
Created by Unknown

The Tan Spectrum of Guinea Pigs

color pets tan cute spectrum - 6905979136
Via The Daily Guinea Pig


Sexy Ladies Canada pale tan swimsuit - 6725496064
Created by xyzpdq1

Romney's Really Going After the Hispanic Vote Now

Mitt Romney tan - 6599726592
Via Gawker

Suddenly Tan Mitt Romney Appears on Univision

accident Awkward Mitt Romney tan Univision - 6599423744
Created by Unknown

Priority Peter

calculator ladies nerd priorities tan - 6578397440
Created by Unknown

Too Tan, You're Cramping His Style

gross Memes mom monster mummy tan - 6215714304
Created by adpattin
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