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People Debate If We Should Be Getting Stressed Over Phone Calls

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Gone Like The Wind

Funny meme about how when girls try to talk to boys their social skills completely disappear, jar jar binks, meesa disappearing
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It's Me

Funny meme that reads, "Me after noticing the slightest change in how someone talks to me" above a pic of Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls crying
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Yeah I Didn't Catch A Word Of That

Funny meme from Madagascar about zoning out when someone else is talking
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Funny meme about thinking someone is ignoring you when the reality is that you have do not disturb set on your iphone
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Oh, Wow

Funny meme about dragging conversation and pretending to listen, saying "that's crazy"
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Please Stop Talking

Illustration of a guy, who represents "Me" spraying a small child, who represents "Friend who won't stop talking;" spray represents "That's crazy"
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Very Relevant In 2019

Caption that reads, "How it feels to listen to podcasts" above a pic of a guy eating ice cream next to a sign of three women also eating ice cream
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Constant Struggle

Funny meme about hating your own voice.
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Funny meme about living in LA.
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Great Idea

Funny meme about anxiety.
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Funny text exchanges.

23 Weird & Funny Text Threads That'll Make You Feel Normal

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boyfriends says some funny things in his sleep

Woman Shares All The Hilarious Stuff Her Boyfriend Says In His Sleep

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Get Me Outta Here

Funny meme about wanting to leave social interactions.
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Green, Anyone?

Funny meme about figuring out how to star conversation, depression, memes, astrology, conspiracy theories, suffering.
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Make It Stop

Funny meme about asking people about their day, and how upsetting it is when they actually talk about it.
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