And Now You're That Awkward Friend

Awkward friend stranger talking Text Stuffs - 5832670464
By Unknown

I Wish He'd Said Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted haters gonna hate Internet Husband Memes talking - 5820932864
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Whatever, Sounds Fine

headphones Music Pie Chart talking - 5763702272
By Unknown

Cellular Teleportation Device

phone Rage Comics talking - 5684725248
By Unknown


bewbs hilarious question Sexy Ladies talking - 5663374848
By stealthinator666

OMG My Fam Iz Soooooooo Boring

dinner family omg Pie Chart talking - 5652066816
By Meyerdude

Paranoid Parrot: Is There Something On My Face?

language overheard Paranoid Parrot rumors talking - 5650217472
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Socially Awkward Penguin: Don't Be So Boring

friend not there socially awkward penguin talking walk - 5626204672
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While the Probability of Saying Something Stupid Increases

ability best of week girls Line Graph stupid talking - 5432979712
By Unknown

It Wasn't Even Funny

Rage Comics talking - 5422463232
By clara22

Story of My Life

friends How People View Me sadness socially awkward penguin talking - 5416278272
By bauss9027

I'm Sorry, What?

bad poker face Rage Comics socially awkward penguin talking - 5356151296
By Unknown

Philosoraptor: Who Says It Isn't?

idioms philosoraptor talking words - 5340181504
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Socially Awkward Penguin: Angerbirds Are Calling to Me

angry birds animemes Awkward conversation phones socially awkward penguin talking - 5277192704
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hilarious talking - 5256972288
By Prince_Charming

He's a Really Good Listener

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By maxystone