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20 Sword Memes For Skilled Swordsmen & Knights in Shining Armor Who Live By The Sword

I was obsessed with those foam sword toys when I was a kid. Any sword toy was enough to get me excited. I don't think I owned a lightsaber or a medieval knight foam sword, but boy howdy, was I fixated on them at the toy store and my friend's houses. The best thing about sword toys was that they gave you a socially acceptable tool to fight your friends. It's generally frowned upon to get into a fistfight with your friends, even if it is just for play. Swords give you the opportunity to swing a g…
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Cringeworthy Content for Curious Cringe Fans (July 1, 2023)

Happy Saturday cringe fans! We're back once again this week for another healthy heap of second-hand embarrassment. What better way to spend your day off than to look at content that makes you feel slightly better about yourself? Cringe has existed since the dawn of the internet. Well, it has kind of always existed. But the internet revolutionized the sheer amount of cringe that is disseminated and consumed by the masses. Back in the day, you'd just have to laugh at the weird, embarrassing guy i…
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A Humble Offering

Funny meme about cool stick, dogs, dog meme.
Via Positive Memes

Yeah No Thanks

Caption that reads, "An Australian child on his way to school, 1978 (colorized)" above a pic of Bilbo Baggins fighting a giant spider with a sword
Via Solvanderlyn
Swords United memes.

'Swords United' Is A Dank Meme About Things We Actually Agree On

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Time To Fight To The Death, Kids

Picture of two babies in a playpen with a sword in the middle, under the caption, "When you can only pay for one college tuition"
Via PeasLord
Video Game Coverage the witcher 3 sword video games - 79417089

Turns out There's a Real Life School Modeled After Witcher 3 Where You Can Train and Battle Monsters as a Warrior

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dark souls video games sword swords Video Game Coverage - 79294721

The Dark Souls III Great Sword of Artorias Is a Real-Life Colossus

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This Comic Is As Right As Rain

me gusta sword rain - 8577623808

Zelda's Sword...

FAIL legend of zelda sword - 8576968960
Created by curtis.senger.7 ( Via Federico Mauro )

That's a Sweet Sword

captain america motorcycle funny usa sword wtf - 8355204608


highlander sword Babies - 6681506560
Created by xyzpdq1


rage guy diamonds minecraft sword video games FUUUUU men vs women - 6813282048

Link Is Screwed

legend of zelda oops sword funny - 8453129216

Protect it Well

funny virgin sword wtf - 8402432256
iron man sword - 64607745

Man At Arms Makes an Iron Man Inspired Sword

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