A Humble Offering

Funny meme about cool stick, dogs, dog meme.
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Yeah No Thanks

Caption that reads, "An Australian child on his way to school, 1978 (colorized)" above a pic of Bilbo Baggins fighting a giant spider with a sword
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Swords United memes.

'Swords United' Is A Dank Meme About Things We Actually Agree On

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Time To Fight To The Death, Kids

Picture of two babies in a playpen with a sword in the middle, under the caption, "When you can only pay for one college tuition"
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Video Game Coverage the witcher 3 sword video games - 79417089

Turns out There's a Real Life School Modeled After Witcher 3 Where You Can Train and Battle Monsters as a Warrior

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dark souls video games sword swords Video Game Coverage - 79294721

The Dark Souls III Great Sword of Artorias Is a Real-Life Colossus

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This Comic Is As Right As Rain

me gusta sword rain - 8577623808
Created by Unknown

Zelda's Sword...

FAIL legend of zelda sword - 8576968960
Created by curtis.senger.7 ( Via Federico Mauro )

That's a Sweet Sword

captain america motorcycle funny usa sword wtf - 8355204608
Created by Unknown


highlander sword Babies - 6681506560
Created by xyzpdq1


rage guy diamonds minecraft sword video games FUUUUU men vs women - 6813282048
Created by Unknown

Link Is Screwed

legend of zelda oops sword funny - 8453129216
Created by Unknown

Protect it Well

funny virgin sword wtf - 8402432256
Created by Unknown
iron man sword - 64607745

Man At Arms Makes an Iron Man Inspired Sword

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Sword Lessons

wonder woman girls sword - 8292691200
Via jasonttodd

We All Did This

kids markers facepalm sword imagination - 8139652352
Created by TheDoctorDalek
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