Doctors Hate Them

Object-label meme where a dolphin that represents "Apples" is swimming toward a scared-looking kid, who represents "Doctors"
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Golden Puppers Do A Swim

Caption that reads, "Bad day? Here's a pool of puppies" above a pic of a bunch of golden retriever puppies swimming in a little backyward pool
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We All Knew This Kid

Caption that reads, "That one loser who has to hold his nose when he jumps in the pool" above a stock photo of a kid holding his nose while jumping in the pool
Via SirBobert

You're Going To Jail, Kid

Sign that says "No drowning" above a stock photo of a kid drowning and police fish from Spongebob running in to arrest him
Via ShawnicTheHedgehog

I Hope Dinesh Knew How To Swim

Text message conversation that shows an Uber driver apparently driving in a body of water
Via Shippo273
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funny dog tries to drown human

Devious Dog Trying To Drown His Human Is Getting Hilariously Memed

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Is He A Brick House?

Picture of Richard Funk with the caption, "We know he can swim but...Can Richard Funk"
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This Seems Cruel And Unusual

Sign showing a drowning person that looks like "lol"
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swimming tiger photoshop battle - 1149189

This Picture of a Tiger Swimming Underwater Gets an Equally Ferocious Photoshop Battle

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usa twitter list swimming ryan lochte roast trending funny olympics - 902661

Update: Ryan Lochte Instagrams an Apology About His Rio Robbery Fairy Tale After the Internet Roasts Him

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twitter swimming ryan lochte olympics - 901637

Twitter Turns Ryan Lochte Into America's Favorite Fugitive After Swimmer Flees Rio to Evade Authorities

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What If It Was a Shark!!

image shark fear What If It Was a Shark!!
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That Works

fire signs swimming That Works
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kids vine swimming pool swimming pool - 76060673

This Swim Instructor is Fantastic at Nearly Drowning Kids

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Perfect Potent Pool Perfection

smell me gusta extra panel swimming swimming pool - 8581339392
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