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TikToker Gets Roasted by Twitter For Suggesting Extreme Fitness Activity As Alternative to Alcohol

Just as fun
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17 Funny Beach Memes For Ocean Lovers Whose Vacation Isn't Over Yet

Sun, sea, and sand
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25 Memes Everyone Who Can’t Swim Can Relate to Each Summer Season

You might not have swimming skills, but these memes will still make you laugh.
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A Lap's Worth of Swimming Memes for All the Water Babies

Goggles on
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Unusual Optical Illusion Has Got Everyone Squinting

Who is she?
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Next Level Olympians Who Seem to Defy the Laws of Physics

Whether you're a fan of sports or not, there are unarguably few worldwide events as tense, polarizing, or emotionally charged as the Olympic Games. We see superheroes on TV, but hidden behind the scenes are years of grueling preparation. Most wouldn't be able to handle the emotional pressure and physical stress that comes with training to compete in the Olympics , and it's pretty incredible that many of these athletes manage to make it look easy. We don't have to tell anyone that it's anything …
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Come Back Higgins

Funny pic about a lost Roomba named Higgins | LOST ROOMBA His name is "Higgins". s' 35cm / 9cm high / 2.8Kg DOES NOT BITE Roomba app info: Battery: 3% Dust bin: 190% My husband left our bungalow door open and our Roomba escaped !!! We followed his cleaning track for 4 Km down to the beach Where we lost his trail. HIGGINS CAN NOT SWIM !!! Please help us to bring Higgins backl ttT%RMEOFF
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Funny dank memes entitled, "Mother Ignoring Kid Drowning" | Reopening Florida COVID-19 cases @memebase 130,000 US deaths | @memebase Billionaires and corporations getting huge tax breaks government Millions Americans who can't pay their rent during lockdown

Mother Ignoring Her Kid Makes For The Perfect Distracted Meme

Negligent parenting at its finest
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Hell Yeah I Am

Funny meme that reads, "Everyone: Are you gonna continue to post shitty memes? Me: ..." above a photo of a buoy in the ocean that has "yeah buoy" written on it
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Hell Yeah He Can

Funny meme that reads, "We know he can swim but..." followed by a photo of Canadian Swimmer that reads, "Can. Richard Funk"
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What Are You Gonna Do About It

Funny meme about posting bad memes
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24 Hot Summer Memes For Every Kind Of Beach Body

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Don't Forget To Keep Those Pups Cool In The Summertime!

Caption that reads, "I told my dog last night that I would let her go swimming today and she literally has not forgotten lmaooo. I need to fill up her pool now" above a photo of a cute husky sitting in a kiddie pool
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I've Almost Died A Few Times. Not Gonna Lie

Gif of the Most Interesting Man in the World underwater with the caption, "I don't always watch movies where someone is trapped underwater, but when I do, I hold my breath until they surface"
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I Ain't No Liar

Text conversation where someone asks what the other person is doing, person replies that they're signing some paperwork; person 1 pulls up a GPS of person 2 appearing to be underwater off of a coast, and person 2 replies with a pic of them underwater and signing some paperwork
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This But Up Hill And Both Ways

Caption that reads, "How your parents convinced you they got to school every day" above a pic of a guy swimming in the snow in Russia
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