Low Riding

gifs motorcycle stunts - 8413930496
Via GIF Bin

Now, Do A Wheelie!

stunts motorcycles mindwarp gifs tricks - 8396330240
By ToolBee

I'll Just Crash Here

FAIL doors gifs stunts ouch - 8353162752
By ToolBee


dogs stunts gifs flips win - 8297536000
By anselmbe

Good Thing That Net Was There

gifs stunts waterslide yikes - 8236448512
Via Bing

Slacklining Betwixt Hot Air Balloons

stunts mindwarp gifs Balloons - 8213534720
By Unknown

Backflipping to Start Off The Day

backflips gifs stunts win water - 8192627200
By anselmbe

Properly Loading Your Trial-Bike

stunts motorcycles gifs bikes flips win - 8182928896
By ToolBee

So Close

motorcycle stunts idiots wtf - 7839915008
By anselmbe

No Boat Needed

cranes gifs funny stunts win water - 7905433600
By ToolBee

Darwin Award Candidate

stunts car idiots - 7744916224
By anselmbe

Time To Go!

stunts gifs funny win - 7728258560
By Unknown

When Are They Gonna Finish Jumping?

stunts gifs bikes funny win - 7725122048
By nikadiler (Via Acid Cow)

Touching The Sky

stunts motorcycles gifs planes funny win - 7639431424
By ani.s4

Some People Like to Skip The Trailers

stunts gifs bikes tricks funny win bad puns - 7527410432
By ToolBee

Timing This Stunt Has To Be Pretty Stressful

yikes explosions stunts gifs planes close call - 7140956416
By Unknown