Funny and crazy video of dude in SUV jumping over a drawbridge in Daytona Beach, Florida

Crazy Badass Storms Through Traffic Arm, Jumps Rising Drawbridge

Only in Florida.
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A Titillating Ride

close call bikes gifs mammaries stunts whoa - 8569488896
Created by tamaleknight

Solowheel Show-Off

stunts mindwarp gifs - 8554048768
Created by Unknown
gta v pc stunts GTA V grand theft auto v Grand Theft Auto Video - 74424833

Have You Ever Driven a Semi-Truck, Blown Off Your Trailer With C4, Flipped the Trailer Over a Highway Bridge, and Caught the Trailer Again?

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Dancing is Magic

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Biker Does a Quad Flip

stunts mindwarp jump gifs bikes - 8537075712
Created by Unknown
gta v pc stunts GTA V grand theft auto v Grand Theft Auto Video - 72561409

Best GTA V Motorcycle Stunt Ever? Best GTA V Motorcycle Stunt Ever.

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Double Fly-Thru

stunts mindwarp gifs planes - 8512996608
Created by ToolBee

Careful Now, You Old Troll!

stunts mindwarp gifs old people - 8510275328
Created by ToolBee

Play Time At The Park

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What To Do When You Don't Have Jump Rope But Plenty of Bros

Via 2dubs1bro

Ok, This is Guy is So Good at Riding a Bike He Glitches the World

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stunts GTA V Video - 68921601

This Guy's Stubbornness Pays Off After Trying to Nail a Stunt in GTA V Multiple Times

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The World's First Bike Rider

stunts mindwarp gifs bikes - 8418358528

Does He Ever Get Dizzy?!

stunts mindwarp gifs perfect loop bikes - 8427057152
Created by ToolBee

Like a Skydiving Boss

stunts gifs grand theft auto v - 8425726208
Via RedKeyMon
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