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Cringey Posts About Books and Reading That Give Bibliophiles a Bad Name

Literacy was a mistake
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Funny, sad and relatable memes about being anxious, anxiety, feeling depressed, existential, depression

20+ Bleakly Relatable Memes For Anxious Depressives

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Funny memes about the struggles that '90s kids dealt with | Steven @IAmAhjani 2004 recording yo new ringtone off radio and somebody started makin noise | CONNECTING OK passingpleasantries: remember 2006 accidentally hit internet button on flip phone and then had press end 40 times keep parents paying such luxury S passingpleasantries

Twenty Struggles That Kids Today Won't Understand

A lil tip down memory lane for the '90s kids!
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funny dating and relationship memes | him: come over can't busy. him lead on 6 months woman jogging | Allison Raskin @AllisonRaskin Single at 23 have go out and meet someone Single at 29 If 's meant be right person will find my home.

16 Dating Memes And Tweets That Sum Up The Struggles Of Getting Back Out There

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Funny tweets from novelty Twitter account 'Very British Problems' | Tweet VeryBritishProblems T@SoVeryBritish "Thanks lot sounds sarcastic "Thanks sounds annoyed "Thanks bunch sounds furious 09/03/2015 19:32 3,145 RETWEETS 3,709 FAVOURITES

Twenty-Two 'Very British Problems' For The Limeys

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professional meme for office workers

15 Professional Memes For The Office Worker Who's Dead Inside

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Funny pics about the struggles of being tall

Tall Person Struggles For The Giants Among Us

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Funny and clean work memes.

16 Funny Clean Work Memes To Peruse While You're Supposed To Be Slaving Away

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monday memes list

14 Monday Memes For Anyone Who's Straight-Up Dead Inside

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90s memes, 90s nostalgia, 90s kids,

14 '90s Struggles That Today's Kids Will *Never* Understand

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It's-a Me

Tweet that reads, "My inner turmoil is knowing I'd be happy in the long run if I had a good body, but I'd also be happy right now if I had cheesy crust pizza with garlic bread"
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This Hilarious Comic Accurately Conveys The Struggles Of Having Long Hair

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Alright, See You Guys Next Year

Caption that reads, "I socialized this weekend. Me for the next three months: ..." above a pic of a monk standing on a ledge staring off into the mountains
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Eh, F*ck It

Caption that reads, "Wrapping Christmas presents: beginning of the roll vs. end of the roll" above a pic of a neatly wrapped present next to a pic of a present wrapped scantily with wrapping paper
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twitter kids parenting offspring funny tweets parenting tweets parenthood parenting struggles toddler struggle - 7291397

16 Parenting Tweets That Sum Up The Joys Of Raising A Tiny Human

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Caption that reads, "'How broke are you?' Me: ..." above a pic of a plate of rice shaped like a chicken drumstick next to some ketchup
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