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Go Away

Caption that reads, "Me at Thanksgiving while my family is bombarding me with questions about college/my future" above a pic of Joe Keery holding a little dog and a glass of champagne while looking frazzled
Via BigFuckingRocket

Really Hope He Got The Job

Guy tweets about a real resume that he received from a kid saying that he doesn't have any work experience, but that he had watched the entire Game of Thrones series and Stranger Things series
Via YouAreDrunk

Goodbye, My Data

Pics of Mike from Stranger Things looking terrified under the caption, "When you've been home for three hours and you notice the 4G symbol instead of the WiFi symbol"
Via gl6z
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They Haven't Aged A Day!

Caption reads, "Remember Eleven and Mike? Here they are now. Feel old yet?" above a pic of Eleven and Mike next to a pic of Butch and Fabienne from Pulp Fiction
Via 13reach
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