Reddit thread about a crazy Air Bnb Host who gets mad at a tenant for rating their property only four stars

Insane Airbnb Host Harasses Guest For Rating Property Four Stars Out of Five

They're just getting worse
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Harrowing Stories of People Ruining Their Life in One Day

Life can change in an instant. Sometimes, you see tragic things coming from miles away. If a loved one is slowly succumbing to an illness, it might not hurt so much when they die because at least you had time to prepare for the inevitable emotionally. But when a death or a tragedy comes out of nowhere, the surprise of the occurrence can be extremely traumatic . You don't have to be a wreckless or clueless person to suffer in a horrible accident or have your life ruined instantly. These things c…
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Dumb and Dubious Posts About Things That Definitely Happened

No lies detected
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A compilation of memes about writers, writing, and writers block

Writer Memes For Procrastinating Authors Struggling With Writer's Block

I'm a writer who doesn't procrastinate…mostly. When I have a work or school deadline, I cannot procrastinate. The words need to get onto the page one way or another. It doesn't matter if the words are brilliant or foolish ; they're getting written either way. That's all well and good for writing when the alternative is negative consequences. When it comes to my own personal projects, however, that's a different story. When you're writing a novel or a short story solely for your own sick satisfa…
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Cringey Two-Sentence Horror Stories That Are More Funny Than Scary

One of the hallmark hobbies of tweens is earnest creative writing. For some, they do so on places like or Wattpad, where they can ship Drarry to their heart's content! Others try to write the Great American Novel, typing away at a word document that will probably never even be self-published on Amazon. Horror stories are their bread and butter for the edgier tweens of the world. So many of the most famous horror stories from Creepypasta were probably written by somebody no older…
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A story about a Boomer getting yelled at for telling a young job hunter that young people are too lazy to get jobs

Rude Boomer Accuses Younger Job Hunter of Laziness, Gets Yelled At In Public

Anyone who has applied for a job in the past couple of years knows it's a very tricky process. So much goes into job hunting, and it's not as simple as being the most qualified person for a position. Job interviews sometimes feel like they're taking place in an alternate reality; how you articulate yourself must be carefully curated to make you sound like a good worker. It's unnatural, but it's a bare necessity if you're going to get a job. With remote work becoming far more common, competition…
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Dude Who Failed to Give Megan Fox a Rose Tells Tale Behind Iconic Photograph

14 years on...
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People Discuss Times They Hated Someone From The Moment They Met Them

First impressions can be a tricky thing. I have gotten poor first impressions from some of the best people in my life, and I thank heavens every day that I did not wholly dismiss them after one questionable meeting . At the same time, there have been several times when I have gotten a bad vibe from someone after first meeting them and gave them a chance, only to find out later that they were a pretty rotten person. Most of the time, first meetings won't give you the complete picture of your fut…
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Update about company banning job hunters from reapplying for 12-months after failing 'personality test'

Update: Company Still Bans Applicants From Reapplying For 12-Months After Failing 'Personality Test'

When I was applying for jobs, I was a bit skeptical of any company that asked me to take a personality test before the interview. I understand wanting to hire somebody with good vibes, but isn't that what the multiple rounds of interviews are for? You would think companies might do such a test to understand someone's temperament and working style to ensure they're suitable for this position. That, unfortunately, is not usually the purpose. Although it's quite shady, many jobs that use "personal…
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A reddit post about a teenage son whose parents are obsessed with his younger sister and make his birthday about her.

Cruel Parents Make Their Son's Birthday Party All About His 'Golden Child' Sister

Favoritism is an issue a lot of kids deal with. I can't imagine how horrible it feels to feel like your parents care about one of your siblings more than you. For many of us, we can see areas where our parents might treat our siblings differently than they treated us, but outright favoritism is more rare and so much worse than passing inequities. The phenomenon can border on neglect when parents put the needs of one golden child over the black sheep child. This treatment causes resentment betwe…
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Former Corporate Accountant Shares Horror Story of Working for Big 4 Company

This can't be legal
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Reddit story about a Scrooge Karen Refusing To Spend Christmas With Her Ex-Husbands 5-Year Old Daughter While Her Mother Battles Cancer

Scrooge Woman Refuses To Spend Christmas With Her Exes 5-Year Old Daughter While Her Mother Battles Cancer

It's common knowledge that one of the basic tenants of Christmas is giving. In particular, giving to those who are less fortunate than yourself. If I had to propose a runner-up in the Most Important Christmas Values Contest TM , I would nominate “keeping the magic of Christmas alive for the children of the world."
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Funny stories that sounds fake but are true from twitter

People Share True Stories About Themselves That Sound Made Up

Every week we go on about how crazy of a place Twitter is. A meeting of the minds, if you can call it that. There are people from all over the country, and all over the world, flocking together to talk about current events, internet drama, celebrities, and (of course) politics. Everyone from precocious 13-year-olds to 85-year-old celebrities seems to be into the site/app. Because of that, there are an awful lot of interesting stories to be found floating around the abyss. And every now and then…
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Cringey story about a tattoo designer who got called out for stealing designs off of Google

Tattoo Artist Gets Exposed For Blatantly Stealing Designs From Google

When you get caught in a glaringly obvious web of lies , the best policy is generally to just own up to it. Nobody's falling for your BS anyway so it's probably best to not make yourself look even more stupid. This "tattoo artist" blatantly stole a bunch of their designs from other artists off of Google and then continued to play dumb after being called out . And the worst part? The copied art is definitely not as good as the original!
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People Recall The Moment They Realized Their Exes Were Straight-Up Crazy

So much regret.
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Dude Takes Girlfriend To Breaking Point With Living Room Urinal

He has another toilet...
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