Funny Twitter thread started by Jimmy Fallon asking readers about the dumbest family fight they've ever been in | tweet by magicdel My dad discovered hadn't returned book library. This escalated into huge argument as he convinced would affect his credit score because my library card still registered at his address.#DumbestFamilyFight

Twitter Users Describe The Dumbest Family Fights They've Been In

Things get interesting when you spend that much time around the same people.
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Funny tweets about embarrassing moments | tweet by OFLaCar Meant say "hold on second" and give minute customer and came out as hold me second monday

Fourteen People Share Their Most Mortifying Moments

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Funny tweets where people detail the dumbest ways they've been injured

Dumb Accidents Unlucky People Have Gotten Themselves Into

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Funny Instagram message thread from a scammer

Bitcoin 'Expert' Tries To Scam An Amused Accountant On Instagram

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twitter funny tweets stories twitter story hooking up kids teenagers hookup parents - 7594757

Guy Live-Tweets His Stepson Trying To Sneak A Girl Out Of His Room

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creepy scary stories

14 Creepy Stories To Leave You Feeling Just A Little Bit Unsettled

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birds Memes stories animals - 5225989

This Man's Story Of Being Banned From A Hotel Is Jaw-Droppingly Insane

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person being told they have a beautiful and sincere singing voice

A Heartwarming Collection of Quotes and Stories About Compliments That People Never Forgot

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Dickens Spoilers

Via Wrong Hands 1

Some Realism After All Those Fairy Tales

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Eagles Love Their Bedtime Stories

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The Perfect Bedtime Story

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By -Ness- (Via Adam Mansbach)

I Know What You Did Last Apocalypse

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By Kurmon

The Toughest Cat Alive

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You Forgot Nicki Minaj

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By Unknown

Welcome to the Hidden Valley

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By Unknown