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The Most Entertaining Takes From TikTok This Week (March 16, 2023)

A lawless land
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Former Students Share the Wildest Stories They Have From Grad School

A strange place
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Harrowing Stories of People Ruining Their Life in One Day

Life can change in an instant. Sometimes, you see tragic things coming from miles away. If a loved one is slowly succumbing to an illness, it might not hurt so much when they die because at least you had time to prepare for the inevitable emotionally. But when a death or a tragedy comes out of nowhere, the surprise of the occurrence can be extremely traumatic . You don't have to be a wreckless or clueless person to suffer in a horrible accident or have your life ruined instantly. These things c…
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The Worst Dispatches From TikTok This Week (March 2, 2023)

Crazy times
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Cringey Two-Sentence Horror Stories That Are More Funny Than Scary

One of the hallmark hobbies of tweens is earnest creative writing. For some, they do so on places like or Wattpad, where they can ship Drarry to their heart's content! Others try to write the Great American Novel, typing away at a word document that will probably never even be self-published on Amazon. Horror stories are their bread and butter for the edgier tweens of the world. So many of the most famous horror stories from Creepypasta were probably written by somebody no older…
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People Discuss Times They Hated Someone From The Moment They Met Them

First impressions can be a tricky thing. I have gotten poor first impressions from some of the best people in my life, and I thank heavens every day that I did not wholly dismiss them after one questionable meeting . At the same time, there have been several times when I have gotten a bad vibe from someone after first meeting them and gave them a chance, only to find out later that they were a pretty rotten person. Most of the time, first meetings won't give you the complete picture of your fut…
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People share dating deal breakers

'They don't initiate ANYTHING such as dates or intimacy': People Share Serious Dating Deal Breakers in Insightful Thread

If someone says they don't have any deal breakers, they're probably lying. Or they're just huge pushovers and desperately lonely. And while we feel for people like that, we gotta say: deal breakers are a healthy part of dating . Having this ultimate red flag in your mind, especially when dating online, can help you maintain important boundaries, and also help you dodge some serious bullets. If course, there are many kinds of deal breakers. Some are minor, some are shallow, and some actually mak…
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Funny  stories about cartoonish events that happened in real life

People Share the Most Slapstick and Cartoonish Situations They've Witnessed or Experienced

For many people, cartoons have been an important part of life. I was absolutely forbidden from watching them on our crappy 80's television, but that didn't stop me from sneaking downstairs at five in the morning to watch Sailor Moon at a very, very low volume. Instead of watching that magical anime series, my parents graciously allowed us to watch a whole lot of very antiquated Disney VHS tapes. These old Disney cartoons (some of them featuring mainstays such as Donald Duck and Goofy) relied on…
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Rollercoaster Thread Details High School Scandals That Deserve A Piece In New York Magazine

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Enjoyable Thread Reminisces On Times Annoying Customers Played Themselves

Serves them right
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Funny stories about students making fun of teachers in high school, bullying, roasted

Funny Tales That Prove Students Will Roast Teachers For Absolutely Anything

They're savage.
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Entitled Mom Expects Fellow Passenger to Entertain Her Son, Gets Brutally Burned

Some parents got a lotta nerve
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woman tells the stories of her hippie grandparents and mother from back in the day and is going viral

Woman Is Going Viral for Sharing Crazy Stories of Her Mom's Hippie Nomadic Childhood in a Converted Bus

From paranormal encounters to avoiding a car crash with mysterious ways, the '70s were a wild time.
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15+ Men Talk About The Outrageous Things That Made Them Walk Out On A First Date

Take no crap
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askreddit, ask reddit, hoarders, wtf, sex toys, stories, yikes, oh god why, bed bugs, reddit, dirty jobs, scary | nolatime 6h Realtor here showing house supposed be empty knocked and rang bell make sure. Once inside walked into bedroom and found current tenant butt ass naked absolutely slamming on an electronic drum kit mostly sound proof room. He never noticed there, but ill never forget him.

23 People Recount Bizarre Things They Found In Strangers' Homes

From bed bugs to human bones, these people have seen it all
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customer service, retail, retail hell, retail workers, yikes, cringe, customers, stupid people, facepalm, reddit, karen, jobs, holidays, black friday | 10k Damages Over 10 Cent Overcharge Medium This happened few years ago working at large upscale beauty supply Wigs/ Weaves/etc Our register bit old fashioned so had punch some items by hand. Usually not big deal, but definitely left some room human error. One day woman came and my coworker pressed wrong button and overcharged her by 10cents

Retail Warriors Share Seriously Nightmarish Customer Stories

Remember to be kind to workers
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