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Man, Apple's Gone Downhill Since Steve Died.

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By Actionfilmsfan1995

And They Gave Steve Jobs a Grammy

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By Frontline

Art of Trolling: The Demon Prince of Every Deadly Sin

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By teknik_rus

That'd Kill Anyone

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By amogl0

Yes This Is Dogs

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By Unknown


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By Mr.Bushido

Ugh, Now Everybody's Gonna Wanna Be One

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The Empire Strikes Back

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See all captions By Cranky_Old_Man

Nice Jobs

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Jobs Equals Windows

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By SaintLuck


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By Darkjedistarkiller

Steve Jobs, Ranked third on the list of greatest engineers of all time... REALLY?!

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By Paige Kelly

Steve Can Now Help God On His Next One

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By llamas96

It Was the PC

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By Bendyrulz


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By savedbythekeeper
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