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Twitter thread about billionaires and where they got their wealth from

Dude Explains On Twitter That Billionaires' Humble 'Garage Stories' Are All A Bunch Of BS

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Yeah Really Weird Charger...

Caption that reads, "Am I the only one whose charger looks like this? (Excuse my feet BTW)" above a pic of a girl holding a destroyed charger and weird feet that look like creepy hands below
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Good Question!

Tweet that reads, "Why aren't iPhone chargers called Apple juice?"
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cover image about Apple products, funny

15 Apple Memes For All The iHaters

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We'll Only Upgrade Once A Year! What A Deal!

Caption that reads, "The iPhone 8 home button just got leaked" above a pic of a detachable home button, saying that it only costs $99.99
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Photoshop Battle bill gates and steve jobs

A Young Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in a Tech Mogul Photoshop Battle

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Screw Your Rules!

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Did You Know That You're More Successful Than Steve Jobs?

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Steve Jobs is Basically Isaac Newton

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Adam And Eve Deciding on a Phone Plan

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Jobs Makes So Much More Sense

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"Leave School," They Said...

education Bill Gates college Mark Zuckerberg McDonald's steve jobs school - 8183669504

Steve Jobs Was Actually a Massive Douche

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Okay, You Guys Did That on Purpose!

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Young Timothy Leary Totally Looks Like Young Steve Jobs

funny totally looks like steve jobs - 7933138176
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Steve Jobs Totally Looks Like Gandhi

glasses totally looks like steve jobs funny - 7582453760
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