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25 Programming Memes for Computer Code Obsessives (July 14, 2023)

Happy Sunday, computer code obsessives! We're back, once again, for a calculated collection of preeminent programming memes ! Let's get into it. When the average, uninformed-on-the-field person thinks of an example of a successful programmer, their mind might immediately think of Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. For the former, come on. Steve Jobs wasn't a boots-on-the-ground programmer, he was the ideas guy and the face of the company. At least say, Wozniak! The latter, Zuckerberg, has, admitted…
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A story about a Boss Accidentally CCing his Employee on Email Discussing Her Imminent Termination

Boss Accidentally CCs Employee on Email Regarding Her Imminent Termination

Everyone gets some sick satisfaction from overhearing someone talking smack about you, especially someone you've been suspicious about from the jump. When someone talks about you behind their back, they have all the power. However, when you overhear the sh*t talking, you get some of the power back and are at least able to defend yourself against their claims about you. This Uno Reverse Card puts the sh*t-talker in an awkward position because you were never really supposed to know what they felt…
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A Reddit story about a worker who gets his finger sliced off and his boss refuses to pay workers comp

Teenage Worker Gets Finger Sliced off on Machinery, Boss Refuses to Pay Workers Comp

Working a thankless customer service job can be grueling. You get regularly disrespected by both customers and your boss . Customers might yell at you or even in rare situations throw a glass at your head, but they typically don't pose real danger to your safety. They come in, they ruin your night, and then they leave. Your boss is much more likely to put you in unsafe situations due to their negligence. Sure, they might not intend to hurt you, but they do hurt you just the same through inane p…
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A compilation of IT, programming, and computer science memes.

Information Technology Memes For IT Guys

It's IT time! I know what you're wondering: Do you mean IT, the classic Stephen King novel and 2017/2019 films about clowning gone wrong? Absolutely not, you stupid baby! It's IT time as in, the actually important IT, which stands for Information Technology . Now I will be honest with y'all. I am not a diva of the IT or computer science persuasion. I am merely a humble former English major hoping that the STEM kids in the room accept these memes into their hearts. Even if I don't fully understa…
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Job Applicant Tries to Send Resume to Employer, Sends Dog Pic Instead

At least it was funny
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Twitter thread about billionaires and where they got their wealth from

Dude Explains On Twitter That Billionaires' Humble 'Garage Stories' Are All A Bunch Of BS

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Yeah Really Weird Charger...

Caption that reads, "Am I the only one whose charger looks like this? (Excuse my feet BTW)" above a pic of a girl holding a destroyed charger and weird feet that look like creepy hands below
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Good Question!

Tweet that reads, "Why aren't iPhone chargers called Apple juice?"
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cover image about Apple products, funny

15 Apple Memes For All The iHaters

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We'll Only Upgrade Once A Year! What A Deal!

Caption that reads, "The iPhone 8 home button just got leaked" above a pic of a detachable home button, saying that it only costs $99.99
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Photoshop Battle bill gates and steve jobs

A Young Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in a Tech Mogul Photoshop Battle

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Screw Your Rules!

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success college humor steve jobs Video - 69996033

Did You Know That You're More Successful Than Steve Jobs?

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Steve Jobs is Basically Isaac Newton

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Adam And Eve Deciding on a Phone Plan

adam and eve apple steve jobs web comics - 8386061824
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Jobs Makes So Much More Sense

memes movies blow sexy times steve jobs funny - 8348810752
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