star wars

Star Wars, history's greatest science fiction series, and a timeless classic with enough Jar Jar quotes to wish you could forget. Enjoy the best puns and jokes from a Galaxy Far Far Away and take your humor interstellar.

A compilation of memes about Star Wars prequel's and the Clone Wars

Star Wars Memes For Prequel Defenders

Contrary to popular belief, not every Star Wars fan is a complete and utter hater of the prequels. If you're a bitter, Gen X original trilogy purist who watched the first Star Wars in theatres before one could even dream of it one day being called “A New Hope," I can understand how the prequels might have been a bit disappointing.
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A compilation of nerdy memes about Star Trek and Lord of the Rings

Nerdy Memes For Those Who Don't Not Identify With Young Sheldon

“You employed the use of a double negative in the title of this article. It shows a command of the English language that is subpar at best and frightening at worst.” If some variation of that thought ran through your head when you read this headline, you're a regular Young Sheldon. Or you're adult Sheldon; knowing pedantic weirdos, you're probably an adult Sheldon. Young Sheldon is at least cute enough to find slightly bemusing, but regular old elder millennial Sheldon can be a real irritating…
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A compilation of funny and random memes

Memes! Memes! Get Your Hot Fresh Memes!

Extra! Extra! Meme all about it! Fresh hot memes for the whole family! We've got brand new memes here, all for your liking. Do you like Twitter memes? We've got them. You can't live without Lord of the Rings memes? They're here too. Do you want some meta memes about memes? By golly, we've got those as well. Any memes your noggin can dream of, we've got, and we've got enough for every man, woman, boy, and girl. Not only that, but these memes are free of charge ! No need to get out your coin purs…
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titanic parenting-hack the matrix parenthood star wars kids toddlers pretty woman story telling parenting lol paw patrol Story Time parents funny dad children funny parenting - 17766149

'Chase, paint me like one of your French bulldogs': Dad unlocks new parenting hack by retelling his favorite movie plots, but with 'Paw Patrol' characters

"He’s gonna grow up and be like, 'these classic movies are awfully familiar....'"
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A Joyous Jumble of Random Memes and Tweets

Heads up: I'm a millennial. As a small child I used to play in the dirt, create morbid stories starring my American Girl Dolls, and play old Star Wars games on the family PC. Memes didn't exist, and I didn't have access to the internet. Many Boomers take pride in the fact that their means of entertainment were extremely analog when they were youths, but I don't. It's actually my belief that memes would have enriched my younger days. I mean, it's obvious that being exposed to memes as a kid woul…
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comicon, sdcc, san diego, san diego comicon, cosplay, cosplays, costume, star wars, halo, marvel, dc, comics, universe, ewok, porgs, darth vader, hello kitty, yu-gi-oh

The Absolute Best Cosplays We Saw at San Diego Comicon Last Weekend (July 27, 2022)

These are the tip top cosplays and costumes we saw at San Diego Comicon 2022. From the Marvel universe, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, fantasy games, and cartoons, there was everything you could imagine coming to life in downtown San Diego. Pop culture's best collection of weirdos, obsessives, and generally awesome individuals all gather in one place once a year. America's Finest City. Now let's go see what all the fuss is about.
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Random funny memes and images.

A Series Of Silly Goofy Images

This world is hard on silly memes . Memes filled with a joyous whimsy. Nothing in this world is harder than being a goofy and fun-loving meme. Actually, that's a lie. Though this world is hard on silly men (men filled with a joyous whimsy. Truly, nothing is hard than being a goofy and fun-loving man, ect) silly memes are actually quite common. Even memes that have a depressing edge are still rooted in humor. In some ways, making a hardcore meme is still inherently silly and goofy because you're…
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A compilation of random memes and funny images

A Mammoth Of Superior Memes

Some memes are just better than others. There's a conspiracy theory amongst older generations that because millennials were given participation trophies, they feel like they are way better than they actually are. Boomers fail to realize that kids could, and still can, tell the difference between an award everyone got and one they earned. For instance, when I was in high school, I won the award “Most Likely To Fall Off Of The Risers” in choir class. I wish I could tell you that earning this most…
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A Sarlacc Pit's Worth of Silly Star Wars Memes

Star Wars fans have a lot to be thankful for these days. There's the new series The Book of Boba Fett, which we'd been looking forward to since the explosive finale of The Mandalorian's second season. It's already getting great reception from both critics and fans. Then there's the shows we're patiently waiting for, like A Droid Story, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan. Even if the world doesn't get fixed by 2023, we'll be set for at least some of our indoor television watching. While we count our blessings a…
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A compilation of nerdy and geeky memes.

Geeky Memes For Smart People

Let's be honest: not all memes are for everyone. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but some memes contain layers of esoteric knowledge reserved for only the nerdiest among us. Being a nerd comes in so many different forms. Nerds can be straight-A students who have devoted their lives to exceeding academically. Nerds can also be pedantic fans of science fiction or fantasy franchises like Star Trek or Lord of The Rings. But y'all already knew that. Everyone is a nerd for something; We all have…
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A compilation of random memes and images.

Comical Memes For All Seasons

We are staunchly in the summertime , which means there's no escape from the indomitable orb of the sun and the atmosphere's various strategies of humidifying. Remember, this isn't the hottest summer of your life; it's the coldest summer of the rest of your life. While summertime might be the seasonal favorite of many, I tend to prefer autumn. My favorite thing about September, October, and November is guessing what will be seasonally appropriate to wear. Every day is a different story, resultin…
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A compilation of random memes.

A Spoonful Of Memes To Help The Drudgery Of Life Go Down

Do you ever realize that life is like…kind of bad ? Well, what are you going to do about it? Rotting in your room and wasting away playing Yahtzee is always an option until you realize that marinating in your filth is not a long-term solution to anything. The grass always feels greener on the other side. When you have a job, you wish you didn't. When you're unemployed, you are freaking out trying to become employed. Nothing seems to go the way you want it to until it does. Every day, you are ju…
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A compilation of random memes, images, and tweets.

A Snappy Selection of Memes & Things

Nearly everything in the modern world moves at a pace that would kill a medieval peasant girl. The level of productivity has shot up, and it doesn't look like it will dwindle anytime soon. That reality is because we're all conditioned to do things unbelievably quickly. The about of stuff we are expected to do each day is genuinely baffling. We need to shower, make three meals, go to work, do a good job at work, eat three meals, and reflect on your day, which doesn't even mention socializing, le…
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A compilation of random memes, some having to do with mental health.

Mental Memes To Scratch Your Brain

Once you leave school and get into the regular routines of life, it can be hard to find new things to do that make you think. It's often difficult to find something exciting to stimulate your brain. Many people use little games and puzzles to keep their brains challenged and active, which is admirable. While doing a crossword every day probably won't make you a genius, it can imbue little nuggets of knowledge into your mind that previously might have just stayed in the newspaper. Personally, I…
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Random Memes & Tweets With a Little Something For Everyone

Variety is the spice of life, eh? Well, my life is bland as hell. Something like all those memes about how white people don't season their food. I do season my food , but I spend most of my time at a sterile desk in a mind-numbing open office plan, wondering when the I'll be free from this incredibly boring cyclical hell. I could quit my job, but listen. I've got cats to feed. And I couldn't do that to them. So instead of saying “F*ck you, I quit," I'm here, typing away about nothing, and suppl…
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A compilation of random memes, tweets, and tumblr posts.

Lethargic Memes To Curl Up With

Are you tired? Do you want to go back to bed? Are you a sleepy baby who doesn't want to go to your pathetic little job? Well, you don't have to! After all, you're a baby, with no responsibilities or bills or cleaning or anything to do except for consuming media. In fact, it looks like you're on the fast track to becoming an iPad baby. Do you know what an iPad baby is, you ignorant infant? An iPad baby is a gross toddler who can't look away from their filth-encrusted tablet for one second, even…
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