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A Lap's Worth of Swimming Memes for All the Water Babies

Goggles on
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NFL's Buffalo Bills has the Most Extra Social Media Team Making Them Viral and the Internet Is Absolutely Obsessed

NFL's Buffalo Bills has the Most Extra Social Media Team Making Them Viral and the Internet Is Absolutely Obsessed

The fanbase for the Buffalo Bills now spans from the Bills Mafia to TikTokers.
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A Team Of Running Memes For Jogging Enthusiasts

Catch your breath
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Twitter thread where sports fans and twitter users share the most disgusting and cringey food they were served at a match, cursed images, disgusting food, sausages | the worst food you have had at a football match? Here's mine. extremely long sausage in a bun | Cray @joe9696taylor  Replying to @elliotwhu Stevenage away turd in a salad

People Share Heinous Foods They've Bought at Sports Events

Prepare to be disgusted.
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Top GOP Lawmaker Goes Nuts on Referee at Son's Basketball Game, Tries and Fails to Pants Him

Funny video of Tennessee representative, republican Jeremy Faison, fighting with referee at son's basketball game
Via @HeartlandSignal
If you ever played sports as a kid, you're certain to remember that aggro dad who would get in the Coach or ref's face when they disagreed with a call. It usually happened when the call was not in favor of their progeny. And it was embarrassing as hell, especially for the child they're supposed to be rooting for. Tennessee representative and House GOP Chair Jeremy Faison emulated this type of dad perfectly a couple nights ago - and the footage is positively cringe. Faison goes in on the poor re…
Video from cracked about sports tropes in movies and films

4 Weirdly Specific And Dumb Sports Tropes

As a former sports skeptic, I always found that melodramatic sports movies like Remember the Titans and Miracle were more interesting than the recreational activities they were written about. They were mostly shorter than the games (or matches) themselves, and generally had a better ratio of hunks, which kept my teenage boy-crazy ass satisfied. As entertaining as the films were, it's pretty clear that Hollywood writers don't play sports. But that doesn't mean they don't create insane sports tro…
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Memes humor sports cricket funny memes cricket world cup lol know your meme disappointed cricket fan interview - 107340289

How I Became the Face of Disappointment: Interview With Disappointed Cricket Fan

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Next Level Olympians Who Seem to Defy the Laws of Physics

Whether you're a fan of sports or not, there are unarguably few worldwide events as tense, polarizing, or emotionally charged as the Olympic Games. We see superheroes on TV, but hidden behind the scenes are years of grueling preparation. Most wouldn't be able to handle the emotional pressure and physical stress that comes with training to compete in the Olympics , and it's pretty incredible that many of these athletes manage to make it look easy. We don't have to tell anyone that it's anything …
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People Are Revealing The Everyday Activities They Think Should Be An Olympic Sport

We've trained for this.
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'Pizza GF & Super Mario BF' and Other Spicy Memes From the Euro 2020 Final

The memes are coming home
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Idiotic Fan With Sign Gets Roasted for Causing Massive Tour de France Pileup

A facepalm heard across the world
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Boxing Fans Walk Away From Mayweather vs. Paul Fight Disappointed as Fighters Walk Away With Millions

Exhibition fight go brrrr
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funny video of adam sandler playing pickup game of basketball goes viral, long island, fashion, baggy clothing

Adam Sandler Impresses Twitter After Pickup Basketball Game Goes Viral

He's got skills.
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Where's the lie?

football games dads sports relatable dad memes Memes lol football football players funny - 9604338432
Via u/LadyEtherNight
Funny cringey tough guys, badass, yikes, reddit, social media posts | man reaches certain age where he doesn't want any drama. He doesn't want fight anyone, and IF forced he will not fight fair. He will not quit and there are no weapons he will not use s best leave him alone | SPORT BIBLE Emirates FLY BETTER Zlatan Ibrahimovi lbra_official tested negative Covid yesterday and positive today. No symptoms so ever. Covid had courage challenge Bad idea

16 Examples Of Cringey Tough Guys

We're shook.
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Funny twitter reactions and memes to Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather boxing match february 20th, funny tweets, twitter memes, dank memes, spicy memes, boxing, boxing memes, sports | next dead body in a video with Logan Paul is going to be his own Bleacher Report @BleacherRep... .17h Floyd Mayweather Jr. announces he will fight Logan Paul in an exhibition match on February | Logan Paul could actually beat Mayweather with his height and weight advantage three boys discussing

Logan Paul Vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Inspires Hot Takes & Spicy Memes

These Paul boys are out of control.
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