Funny tweets about Kate Beckinsale and Pete davidson making out.

Pete Davidson And Kate Beckinsale Making Out Next To Antoni Is Our New Favorite Meme

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That's Just Impressive

Caption that reads, "Thanks to whoever put a tree on our baseball field" above a pic of a single tree planted on a baseball field, next to caption that reads, "Someone stole our freaking a full-grown 15-foot tree" above a pic of a plot where a tree had clearly been stolen
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dumb memes, dads answering the phone by saying yellow, the pink panther not getting any texts

27 Dumb Memes To Help Start Your Week On The Right Side Of The Bed

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Tom Brady cry baby memes

14 Tom Brady Memes For Anyone Who Just Wants To See Him Cry Like A Little Baby

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Super Bowl Memes

15 Super Bowl Memes For Those Rooting For The *Correct* Team

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Funny tweets from Shanna Shi about pokemon that have the same hair as major league players

Pokémon And MLB Players Collide In This Hilarious Twitter Thread

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Funny tweet about having your whole life ahead of you, sports, 30s.
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Can Breathe On Land *And* In Water - Incredible!

Caption that reads, "'You're sure that's the right word?' 'Like 80% sure, yeah;' 'Print it' above a headline that reads, "Amphibious pitcher makes debut"
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You Know It's True

Funny tweet about gatorade.
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Caption that reads, "Professional basketball player: *Misses free throw;* Me: ...What a f*cking idiot" above a pic of a fat guy sitting on a couch watching TV
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Funny tweets, dating tweets, relationship tweets, funny, relationships, dating, love, depression, parents, black mirror.

24 Relatable Tweets That'll Leave You Feeling Personally Attacked

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No They Don't

Caption that reads, "Friends: You give the best relationship advice but you is that possible? Me: Coaches don't play" above a pic of a little kid looking serious
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Only In Canada...

Caption that reads, "I go to school in Ottawa and we write our exams in a hockey rink" above a pic of a bunch of students taking their exams sitting in desks on a hockey rink
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You're Killin' Me Smalls

Caption that reads, "The greatest power hitter in the history of baseball and Aaron Judge" above a pic of Ham from The Sandlot next to pro baseball player Aaron Judge of The Yankees
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Funny twitter meme, daily mirror, Woman's perfect tinder date with 'the one' shattered by five simple words.

Clickbait-y Daily Mirror Tweet Has Spawned An Amazing Twitter Meme

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A Tiny Player In The Making

Pic of a kid playing baseball with a bio that says he has a crush on his teacher
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