Do you have Snapchat? Great now you're like the rest of the world. Social media has given us easier and faster access to friends and connections around the world, and whoever came up with the idea of 10 20 second clips that get deleted after viewing, you broke the internet congratulations.

My Squad Roll Deep

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Rand Paul's "Historic" Snapchat Interview With CNN

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Miss You Too

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Snapchat of the Day: Grandfather Tries to Fix ‘Frozen’ Computer

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Snapchat Has a New Feature Called "Snapcash," Where You Can Send Money to Your Friends Through Snapchat. Cool Idea, Awful Advertisement...

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Woo, Go Me!

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A Matter of Perspective

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I'm Rich!

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Look Out Ladies

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Sarah Brought the Orange Juice!

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Snapchat is Where Poetry Goes to Die

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This Isn't as Exciting as You Said It Would Be...

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How Exactly Does That Work?

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white boys texting

Straight White Boys Texting is a Thing of Beauty

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You've Been Marked!

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Snapchat Has So Many Uses

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