Do you have Snapchat? Great now you're like the rest of the world. Social media has given us easier and faster access to friends and connections around the world, and whoever came up with the idea of 10 20 second clips that get deleted after viewing, you broke the internet congratulations.

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Total Creep Shows True Colors With Cringey Impression of Women

If you've never heard of the @SheRatesDogs Twitter account, you're in for a treat. It's basically a hub of those creepy , unhinged DMs that we hate to receive but love to mock on the internet. Most of the messages are what you'd expect: butthurt communications from men who can't handle warranted rejections. And, of course, a whole lot of incels . That said, every now and then they publish a series of direct messages that are uniquely cringey and deplorable. And yesterday was one of those days.
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Snapchat Afficionado Reveals Insane Way He Used to Edit Selfies

No words
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Movie Watcher Puts Snapchat Filter on "Twilight" Series, Produces Hilarious Results

It's an improvement
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15+ Rejections That Sting Like They Happened Personally

Taking an L never seemed so cringeworthy.
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Exceptionally Dumb And Amusing Snapchats

10 seconds to make it count.
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Some Of The Best Uses Of Snapchat's Inescapable ‘Pixar Filter’

Creepy or cute?
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kids having meltdowns over mundane things | He can't get down crying child sitting inside a truck wheel | cooking her eggs instead feeding them her raw small child reaching for the camera

22 Hysterical Snaps Of Kids Having Meltdowns Over Mundane Things

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Cute and funny dog snapchats | Get puppy they said Surely won't murder sleep they said red eyed dog snarling with exposed teeth | My dog likes stare at through mirrors

Adorable Dog Snaps To Lift Your Sprits

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couples trolling each other | My husband travels work. He gave this sol am never really alone woman holding towel with man's photo printed on it | asked my girlfriend pencils with my name on them Hashtag McYoloSwag

Couples Who Mastered The Ancient Art Of Trolling

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cute animal snaps, adorable cats, cat snaps | She found way bug at eye level on toilet cat sitting in a bathroom sink | This is Dexter. He likes distracting doing my work cute fluffy kitten sitting on a laptop

Adorable Cat Snaps For Your Caturday Pleasure

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Funny memes about cats | cat trap set up my home office worked. No more cats on keyboard, just few swats box while type. cat in a cardboard box | My cats keep pushing each other trash can @sexualising

Seventeen Cat Memes That Had Us Feline Fine

It is litter-ally im-paws-ible to not like these memes.
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Funny and cute memes about dogs | dog wearing a sheep lamb costume landlord says no dogs allowed | My dog escaped yard today and my neighbor sent this picture dog chilling in a pool

Twenty-One Dog Memes And Snaps For When Life Gets Ruff

Life is ruff.
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Funny memes, cat memes, cute memes, cute cat memes, pet memes, dank memes | police cat He lied on his resume, but got job anyway. SECURITY DOG | tired looking cat wake up at 3am go bathroom and cat has fulfill his obligation watch pee

Cat Memes & Snaps To Get Your Caturday Poppin'

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Man documents failure to fix easter lamb cake on snapchat, hilarity ensues | Score! Found one He's kinda ugly though Maybe can fix him up.. creepy baby goat cake with pink eyes and a yellow ribbon around its neck | fucked up frosting melting

Snapchat Saga Follows Hilariously Failed Attempt To Fix Easter Cake

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funny snpachats of cats | My landlord replacing our sink and sent this cat peeking down a drain hole | Calm before storm kitten balancing on faucets above a full tub of water

21 Silly Snaps Of Cats Bein' Cats

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Funny Snapchat photos of people who are having a bad day | Yeah pissed. This ain't meant SIDE SLIP McDouble ONLY Ketchup burger buns with nothing but ketchup between them | My calculations were incorrect child falls from dad's shoulders into a pool of foam blocks

Twenty-Seven Fail-y Snaps Of People Who Ran Outta Luck

Needless to say: fail.
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