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Funniest Chocolate Memes for People Needing Their Cocoa Fix

Chocaholics unite
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'Forbidden snack substitutes': Dude goes viral for sharing food alternatives to inedible things that look curiously tasty

Please try to refrain from eating your wicker furniture...
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TikToker Satirizes East Asian Aesthetic Vlogs with "Floridacore" Store Visit

Kawaii <3
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The Most Helpful Cooking, Snacking, & Lunch-Packing Life Hacks That are the Most Viral on TikTok

The Most Helpful Cooking, Snacking, & Lunch-Packing Life Hacks That are Viral on TikTok

Welcome to TikTok University: You're going to wonder how you ever survived before without knowing these.
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Mutant Goldfish Cracker Confounds And Tickles Snack Eaters

Hold up
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Puffed Up Dorito Gets Auctioned On Ebay, Racks Up More Than $70,000 In Bids

At last, A Dorito Hot Pocket.
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Funny, weird and cursed memes, gross food memes, photoshopped food packaging | RIBBED HER PLEASURE 1.49 1.00 265040 501498 1.49 08/21 IPRICE PER LA TOTAL PRICE corn cobs | off work late? hungry, but too tired cook? try 30 40 olives 30 1o olives an easy weeknight dinner eat them directly out jar with fingers will certainly not regret eating 30 40 olives

40 Food Memes Both Funny & Cursed

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Funny memes about Pringles | Teletubbies Pringles CHEDDAR CHEESE Super Stack Potato C Crujeres de pa Potato Crisps Sabor Queso Cheddar 1508 Dia 2A Berukam | Rick and Morty only good chip company doesn't fill half 's container with chips Pringles

Crispy Pringles Memes For Anyone Who's Got The Munchies

But can they finally fix the dang can so it can fit adult hands?
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Choose Your Fighter

Funny meme about sour cream and onion vs salt and vinegar chips
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Funny meme that reads, "The only happy ending" above a photo of a bunch of mostly eaten ice cream cones with chocolate in the bottom
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Bruh Do You Even Lift

Funny meme about eating half a pack of Oreos, putting the other half back, and then eating it later | When you eat half a pack of Oreos, put them back, then come back in 5 minutes to eat the other half instead of just eating the whole package all at once fitness isn't just a hobby, it's a lifestyle
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Get Out Of There

Funny meme that reads, "Me: *Eats popcorn;* The popcorn flake stuck between my teeth: ..." above a photo of a cat stuck between two couch cushions
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Funny dank memes about pizza rolls made in the oven vs. them made in the microwave | pizza rolls microwave pizza rolls toaster oven drakeposting | meme man stonks make pizza rolls with oven instead microwave shef

Memes For Sophisticated People Who Cook Their Pizza Rolls In The Oven

Everyone knows oven-baked is better.
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Funny twitter thread about Doritos name origin, dark humor, chuck wendig | Chuck Wendig O @ChuckWendig like and any other human, has definitely enjoyed ZESTY NACHO TANG Doritos corn chips time time, as well as their alternate flavors like Cool Ranch, Sweet Chili, Spicy Meatball, Hot Tire, and Fresh-Cut Grass. But then thought, where did name come 8:57 AM 3/27/20 Twitter Web Client | asked my dogs and my son and all quarantine but all came consensus s probably doradito, or "golden brown but dogs

Funny Thread Suggests The Dorito Name Is Some Dark Magic Crap

The more you know.
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Funny dank memes about chicken nuggets, or "chiccy nuggies" | Steven Crowder at a desk meme: "Boneless wings" are adult chicken nuggets CHANGE MY MIND. X-men meme Magneto asking Mystique to show him the real her but instead it's all different types of food: 9 year olds prefer real food said real food. Perfection.

Sixteen Chicken Nugget Memes In Honor Of The Internet's Favorite Food

Chicky nuggies!!!
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Can I Have *One* Please

Funny meme with two cute dogs depicting a girlfriend who said that she's not hungry eating all of her boyfriend's french fries
Via evilkhajiit
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