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Judging By The Hole In The Satellite Picture...

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You Just Got Smash-Rolled

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Funny spotify parody memes, 2017 wrapped, music streaming, toto, smash mouth, weezer, communism, anime.

Spotify's '2017 Wrapped' Feature Is Inspiring Some Hilarious Parodies

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Funny meme about smashmouth
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Funny video meme of a guy playing "all star" with a saw he found in his shed.

Watch This Dude Play 'All Star' On The Sharpest Tool In His Shed

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She's a 10

funny meme about how someone doesn't think soulmates exist, and then sees a youtube video about a girl who takes a bite of an onion every time the word "star" is said in smash mouth's all star.
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Today's Best Dank and Spicy Memes

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star wars jimmy fallon youtube smash mouth funny Video - 86328577

Star Wars Characters Sing Smash Mouth's All Star

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All Star

Romantic and funny meme that suggests the lyrics to Smash Mouth's All Star will get you the girl or lead to love.
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Soldier represents Smash Mouth's chance at a normal music career, bullet represents the film Shrek, ruining this chance.
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so dank meme of how Smash Mouth is IRL to Shrek for ruining their whole image.
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The Ancient One Has Spoken

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Smash Mouth's All Star Is Now an Action Movie

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smash mouth remix Video - 80012033

Don't Let This Sad Remix of Smash Mouth's 'All Star' Get You Down

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Smash Mouth's 'All Star' Got Remixed (Again) and This Time It's off Tempo

nostalgia smash mouth remix Smash Mouth's All Star Got Remixed (Again) and This Time It's off Tempo
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Their Final Form

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