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Montenegro's Got a New 'Lying Down Champion' And We Are Definitely Signing Up for the 2023 Competition

Lying down is a pretty essential part of life. Humans spend a third of their lives snoozing - hopefully while horizontal. If we're being honest, a good chunk of the rest of our time is spent lying down, awake, experiencing various degrees of s elf-hatred or binge-watching our favorite television shows. Some people are so damn good at reclining that they feel they should be rewarded with money and/or international recognition. In Montenegro, this desire is a reality. The country's ‘Lying Down Co…
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Sleepy Memes for Nap Queens (And Kings)

This is your sign to take a nap.
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Insomniac Shares Absurd Memes Created While Waiting for Sleeping Meds to Kick In

They're kind of beautiful
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Viral Story About "Sugar" the Horse Might Be Debunked, But the Memes Keep On Coming

Pretending to be asleep can get people out of a lot of trouble. I used to feign slumber in the car to get out of climbing the stairs of our home and going to bed. I'm not sure which came first, my dad being unwilling to carry more or catching on to the ruse, but those days didn't last terribly long. This weekend, the internet learned that it's not only humans who turn to acting ( lying ) when faced with an undesirable situation. Apparently, horses will do this, too. At least that's what one clo…
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TikToker Asks "What's the Sexiest Thing You Wear to Bed?" and the Responses are Hilarious

TikToker Asks "What's the Sexiest Thing You Wear to Bed?" and the Responses are Hilarious

If a onsie, Breathe-Rite strip, and eye mask do it for ya, then oooh baby come on over!
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Funny & Nonsensical Quips From the Mouths of Sleep-Talkers

Sleep-talking is a phenomenon that affects about 5% of adults and, more often than not, is pretty damn funny. I personally never want to know if I fart in my sleep (if you're not conscious it doesn't count), but if I'm snuggled next to you while slumbering and I utter something wild, terrifying, or hilarious, I'd better hear about it when I wake up. There's something about the utterances of the unconscious that is far more fascinating than the details of whatever a person is actually dreaming a…
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Parents trade stories of questions their kids ask

Parents Bond Over the Deep Questions Kids Ask at the Worst times

If you can conjure up any dusty cobweb-covered memories from childhood, you probably remember how kids hated having to go to sleep. Every night was a dramatic power struggle between my parents , myself, and consciousness. Eventually I would succumb - but not before asking the most inane and convoluted questions possible as a sort of stalling tactic. Things are different as an adult. I would like to be sleeping most of the time. If you're sleeping, you're usually not feeling pain, sadness, or a…
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Bamboozling Thread Wonders Why We Do Or Don’t See Our Phones In Dreams

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Entertaining Thread Trolls People Who Sleep On Their Stomach

Tummy time
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Sleepy Memes for the Terminally Exhausted

Relatable content for those bouts of insomnia
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Funny memes about insomnia | If can read this then same boat optical illusion i can't sleep | haven't slept week and shadow people keep tryin HDULL

Insomnia Memes For When You Can't Go The Eff To Sleep

Sometimes Melatonin doesn't cut it
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Funny memes about work, relatable memes, stupid memes, monday memes, monday through friday, dolly parton | Coworker: Did get drunk at lunch again? Mе: Dolly Parton finger guns | Management Treats employees badly Employee Quits Management: surprised Pikachu

20+ Work Memes For The Overburdened & Overtired

Living the dream.
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50 Memes & Tweets To Help You Kick Back And Relax

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Why Am I Like This

Funny meme about how your body needs sleep all day but then when you want to go to sleep it decides it's not tired, i don't need sleep, big bang theory, orangutans, monkeys
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Feeling Seen

Funny meme about going to sleep without dinner to save money | my parents at 25 we should start saving for retirement IRA or 401k? ME at 25 If I go to sleep now then I wont have to pay for food
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There Goes The Day

Funny meme about trying to sleep for five more minutes and then wasting the whole day | When you wake up early and decide to sleep for 5 more minutes blinking white guy
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