Flexing the Rusty Pipes

Rage Comics shame singing spiderpman - 6216108288
Created by Beanz.and.Bacon

Rage Comics: Is That My Voice?

Okay Rage Comics singing true story - 6153232640

Lose Yourself in the Moment

car Rage Comics singing - 6181335296
barack obama Hall of Fame political videos singing Video - 36081921

POTUS and He Knows it

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Not Another Musical Number!

Movie Rage Comics singing sweet jesus have mercy - 5912705280
Created by Jjuliaa

I Thought You Would Be Home Later...

parents shower singing socially awkward penguin - 5935276032
See all captions Created by PaintBruschs

You Really Put Your Heart and Soul Into That

bad poker face best of week one does not simply Rage Comics singing - 5917098752

And Don't It Feel Good

Bar Graph Music singing - 5916879872
Created by obsidianz
barack obama political videos sing singing Video - 34381569

Winning the Blues States

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creepy singing Video - 34057985

Creepy Louis Armstrong

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That Doesn't Sound Like Whale Song

fat singing whale youtube - 5767970560
Created by Bendyrulz
election 2012 Mitt Romney political videos Republicans sing singing Video - 33087233

America the Beautiful.mp3

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Just a Clock in the Audience

awesome singing - 5749518848
Created by oppercool

For...Wherever Could That Laptop Be?

poker face queen Rage Comics singing so close - 5701230592
Created by NachoFox
barack obama political videos singing Video - 32534529

Our Musical President

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Let's Make an Omedley!

Omegle singing spymode what is love - 5699847680
Created by gonzo187