About a Sky of Blue and Tea For Two

lobster singing song funny - 5366393600
Created by Rags

Just Cause He's Cute Doesn't Mean He Isn't Annoying

gifs singing anime panda funny - 6555493632
Created by ToolBee

Now You Can Walk a Thousand Miles... On the Sidewalk!

radio singing gollum funny - 7544392960
Created by LaCucarachaBob


disney singing - 7410740480

Fine Mr. Troll, You're Singing Next!

marriage singing wedding - 7353860608
Via probokator

Hey He's Just Trying to Have Fun

fun singing too damn high - 7152761088
Created by TSAllen
wtf gifs singing nightmare fuel - 48904705


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Am I Wasting a Golden Opportunity?

singing faptimes Confession Bear - 7160601344
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Help! Can't Sing!

ipod singing yahoo answers - 7137159680
Created by anna_marie

An Apt Response to Horribleness

gifs singing - 7115118336

Rollin Down the Street Blasting My Music

singing quote - 7018749440

Cat Can’t Stand Bad Singing

gifs singing Caturday Cats pounce - 6911288576
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via Youtube )

Oh God Why...

singing michael jackson poker face public transportation true story Okay bus - 6669622528
Created by L0LITA

Classic: Where Does the Time Go?

time singing thinking classic showering Pie Chart - 6805980928

When Parents Do This

radio singing song fireworks no derp parents - 6755212288

We've ALL Done This!

singing car friends poker face true story lol - 6755167232