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Jedward and Tara Reid Turn Heads Covering Britney Spears

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Person Discusses job where people have to sing if they are one minute late.

People Brainstorm Revenge Tactics For Company Forcing People Who Are a Minute Late Sing a Song

Humiliation is never chill. That is unless it's your kink, and we won't judge you for that. Humiliation in the workplace, however, is never okay. Redditor u/estranged_writer511 shared a despicable post with the r/antiwork community, explaining that their new job has a policy that requires people who are even a single minute late to sing a song for everyone as punishment.
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tracy morgan at airport singing u2 with or without you

Tracy Morgan Serenades Omaha Airport With U2's 'With Or Without You'

If you've ever seen a gossip blog or perused Twitter, you're probably aware that people absolutely love an airport celebrity sighting. The paps (and regular ol' travelers) chomp at the bit to capture a famous person in sunglasses and sweats, just trying to get from A to B in relative peace. It's not every day, however, that we see a celebrity belting out a popular song at the gate with absolutely zero shame. But that's exactly what happened last week in the Omaha airport. The celeb in question?…
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Christians Spark Debate After Hijacking Plane With Religious Singalong

They really prepped for this
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Man Wins Everyone’s Hearts After Singing In The Grocery Store

Better than Walmart yodelling kid.
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Memes about music | Beginner guitarists after learning play smoke on water roccstar @sixthgutar Meme Man wurds | choir singing lech mich im arse Audience Mozart made with mematic laughing wolves

Thirty Musical Memes With Something For Everyone

Rap, pop, or rock - this gallery has it all.
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Funny twitter reactions to the season finale of Bachelor Presents: listen to your heart, chris and bri, jamie and trevor, matt and rudi, chris harrison, singing, reality tv, dating shows | ROSE Rosecast w/ Rim and AB Casts @rosecastpodcast "Congrats again on making this far all great singers! But if aren't ready get married don't ever want see faces again, is clear ListenToYourHeart | grace @bacheloroses my four favorite people on listen heart LTYH #ListenToYourHeart 8:30 PM 5/18/20 Twitter iPh

All The Best Twitter Reactions To The Finale Of Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart

Content Warning: Heaps of Disappointment
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Funny dank memes about Kid Cudi's humming | cudi starts humming Bobby Hill astral projecting | kid cudi humming Kermit the Frog tucking a teddy bear to sleep

Kid Cudi's Humming Is Majorly Therapeutic For Depressed Millennials

People REALLY love his humming.
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Cute video of a college acapella group performing 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' online when their concert was cancelled

College Acapella Group Performs 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' Online After Being Quarantined

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Funny video taken by a passenger on a bus driven by a driver who thinks there's no one on the bus

Passenger Secretly Records Bus Driver Who Thinks He's Alone

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Autistic and blind contestant Kodi Lee wows judges of America's Got Talent with stunning performance.

Autistic Contestant on America's Got Talent Will Bring You To Tears

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Funny video cat singing lessons.

This Dude Giving His Cat Singing Lessons Is Giving Us Life

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Pic of someone holding a 'Walmart associate choir' with a tweet that reads, "Omg this explains why there is only three lanes open because they're in the back working on their next album"
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Maybe If You Sing Louder It'll Help

Music singing image - 8981939200
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Music school FAIL singing cringe Video - 82405633

How Far Into This Almost 8-Minute Cringefest Teacher's First Day Medley Can You Make It Through?

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Don't Go and Provoke the Ire of the Tiger

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