Collection of memes about the ideal male body, a twitter meme with Shrek, nintendo, wario, toad, sonic the hedgehog.

Flashback Friday: This Is The Ideal Male Body

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Sunday memes with funny memes about batman, donald trump, the joker, nasa, science, dating, friendship, life, relationships, dating, the godfather, tv, movies.

28 Funny Memes To Enjoy On Your Sunday Funday

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Funny collection of Twitter responses, tweets, memes, regarding the woman who cleaned Trump's Hollywood star.

Twitter Responds to Woman Cleaning Trump's Hollywood Star

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Collection of funny memes from 13 Reasons Why, that Damned Smile memes - featuring characters from Rick and Morty, Game of Thrones, Batman, and even mcdonalds.

Best Of: That Damned Smile Memes

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Collection of funny memes in the format of Pictures of People Before and After Calling Them Beautiful, topics such as Star Wars, Pepe, Shrek, Rick and Morty, Spongebob Squarepants.

Best Of: Pictures of People Before and After Calling Them Beautiful Memes

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Collection of funny memes and web comics about topics like the United States, Mexico, dating, pizza, spongebob, weed, dogs, sex, gaming, marriage, guy fieri.

18 Funny Memes and Comics To Ease You Into the Evening

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Collection of funny memes about cats, dogs, relationships, dating, Shrek, anxiety, depression, crushes, pizza, tacos, babies, fidget spinners, texting.

Midday Meme Report

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Thursday funny memes from Instagram about texting, dating, relationships, dogs, doggos, puppers, weed, parents, horses, netflix, blockbuster, vegans, veganism, fidget spinners, school, shrek, photoshop.

Thursday's 19 Best Memes: Mucho Doggo Edition

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Funny meme saying you shouldn't claim to know Star Wars if you don't know this jedi master - it is a photo of shrek.
Via Cantaloupe マスクメロン

A Classic Film Still

Funny meme - a film still from Star Wars Revenge of the Sith but it's actually an image of Shrek and his donkey friend crossing a bridge over lava.
Via Crippling Memes


Funny meme in which a guy wants to talk to a girl and his friend says to do it, but to be cool - image of Shrek saying "your beauty is overwhelming me."
Via memezar

All Star

Romantic and funny meme that suggests the lyrics to Smash Mouth's All Star will get you the girl or lead to love.
Via g00pix


Soldier represents Smash Mouth's chance at a normal music career, bullet represents the film Shrek, ruining this chance.
Via Dank Memes Gang

Oh no.

Upgrade meme, first level is Super Smash Brothers, upgraded to Shrek Super Slam.
Via supersweetnoodles

Sorry Sweetie

Memes shrek - 9025652992
Via phoenixero
Monday meme's for the day after Oscars meme and a list full of dank memes

31 Mostly Fresh Memes to Bring Some Magic to Your Monday

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