Very Flashy

Caption that reads, "My mom is so dramatic. I don't even know how to get in the tub" above a pic of a bathtub with tons of fancy curtains on the front of it
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This Hilarious Comic Accurately Conveys The Struggles Of Having Long Hair

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Pretty Much Every Day

Caption that reads, "Increasing the temperature bit by bit during your shower to see how much your body can take" above a pic of Elmo appearing to raise hellfire
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Those Veggies Gettin' So Clean

Tweet that reads, "I love when you're at the grocery store and the veggies are having a shower"
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Very True

Pie chart caption that reads, "Time spent in the shower" with 10% being for getting clean and the other 90% being for the hot water
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funny random memes.

33 Scroll-Worthy Memes & Pics For Your Weary Eyes

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Stay Away From Marijuana, Kids

Tumblr pic of a shower with text that reads, "Marijuana addicts don't know what this is;" someone comments below with, "Why is it raining indoors?"
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Funny meme about showering being like your house is pissing on you.
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A Terrifying Experience

Text that reads, "When you get shampoo in your eye and wonder what the name of your guide dog will be"
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Funny shower memes about stereotypes.

These Shower Memes Are A Brilliant Play On Common Stereotypes

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It's True

Funny Lord of the Rings meme about peeing in the shower, gandalf, aragorn.
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Funny comic about pooping in the shower.
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Funny meme about using someone else's shower for the first time - it makes you NAKED and AFRAID.
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This Girl Saved a Weird Photo of Herself to Her Phone and She Finally Got to Use it to Troll Someone

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The Curse of the Far-Away-Towel Is Too Real, Man

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Never Wash Your Own Hair Again With This Handy, Time Saving Robot

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