Dammit Grant

Pic of a bunch of fries for sale at a grocery store with a sign above that reads, "Grant ordered too many fries sale"
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Pic of someone holding a 'Walmart associate choir' with a tweet that reads, "Omg this explains why there is only three lanes open because they're in the back working on their next album"
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Thanos, Where Ya At?

Funny meme ABOUT shopping at walmart when people get paid, too crowded.
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Chad Kroeger Is Happy

Panel meme of a woman shopping for something that costs 45 cents; the next image shows an unhappy 50 Cent, and the subsequent one shows Chad Kroeger giving a thumbs up
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Memes about being broke, not having any money, being poor.

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What Trickery Is This

Funny meme about how there are never people at the cash registers when you are shopping.
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Own It

When you buy something online and it doesn't fit the way it did in the pic, funny meme with lauren conrad and porky the pig.
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Fits Like a Glove

Man ordered tank top on Amazon, but received something that looks more like a dress. His ass looks great.
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funny shopping fails

Oof: 15 Internet Shopping Fails

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I Thought I Had a Coupon Code Though

shopping money image - 8998696960
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So, like, 11pm?

christmas shopping prank - 8993659136
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It's Every Smart Car for Himself

black friday It's Every Smart Car for Himself
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Shhh It's Like a Sample

image memes shopping Shhh It's Like a Sample
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shopping Memes Cats Video grocery store german - 80650497

A Grocery Store Used the Internet's Favorite Cat Videos as Inspiration for Their New Commercial

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Tesco Supermarkets are Ready to Get Weird This Valentine's Day

shopping prank Valentines day - 8747731200

Hope You Did Your Christmas Shopping!

web comics shopping christmas Hope You Did Your Christmas Shopping!
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