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Classic: The Hell Was That First Guy Doing?

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The Most Fair and Balanced Party

lemon party Party politics shock sites - 4827605248
Created by Binx

The Inflation Is Making My Head Spin!

meat spin petition shock sites - 4822522624
Created by death_glare

Because Axe Smells Like Ass

axe commercials facebook shock sites women - 4793044480
Created by tiny0144

Make Them Some Blue Waffles

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Created by Unknown

Lucky Indeed

blue waffle facebook lemon party shock sites - 4715365888
Created by Dem_Freckles

What a Party!

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Created by Uyroll ( Via )

Sorry, That First One Was My Dad's Site

lemon party oblivious Omegle shock sites the mac user - 4996626944
Created by ag

Punishment For Using Internet Explorer

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Created by RockNfail

Did Google Give You a Bad Translation or Something?

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Created by Ajiryn

Two Girls, One Cup of Bleach for My Eyes

horror movie pedobear shock sites Yahoo Answer Fails - 4672513280
Created by that_13th_dude

You Naughty, Naughty Bot

Cleverbot lemon party shock sites - 4561593600
Created by Anonymous

Join the Lemon party!

Omegle lemon party shock sites - 4306685952
Created by koolaidman121

Why I Hate My Facebook Friends.

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Created by EverydayImHerpin

Find my profile!

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They see me trollin they be hatein

blocked facebook lemon party link shock sites - 6237234176
Created by kudaru