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Not Sure If Trolling Or Just Protecting

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Created by TonyC1906

Shows You How to Be a Power User

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Created by VanillaDong

Net Noob Is Hungry

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See all captions Created by PedroBarkface

Even I Don't Have the Willpower for One of Those Events

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Somebody Bought the Domain

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Created by Unknown

Eat Enough and You Could Skip Your Period

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Created by letwillbewill

It's Not a Face Lift or Anything, Just a Cool Technique

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Created by Unknown

I Didn't Need to Think of Gas and Lemon Party at the Same Time

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I Bet They Taste Great!

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Created by peterh41200

It's a Server for Older People

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Created by Tal

You'll Find Blueberry Man!

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Created by Unknown

Who Wouldn't Want to Be the Goat?

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Created by maxhirez

Scarier Than That One With the Old Guys and the Lemons

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Created by kwitmeh3

My Waffle Came Out Kinda Funny Looking

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Created by SHADOWdeomEatEr

Don't Worry, That Link'll Fill You Right Up

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Created by Jonnnnn

You Should Probably Wash Up

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Created by Unknown